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Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes

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Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes Happy New Year to all foodie lovers and subscribers with Cooking Class Singapore! The year of the Dog has just begun and very soon we will be embarking on another big celebration in the region – Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year or simply “Spring Festival’ in modern China. This year, the first day of Chinese New Year begins on 16th February and lasts for 15 calendar days till […]

Christmas Food Celebration Ideas

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Discover Great Christmas Food Celebration Ideas  Time flies! With Christmas and the year-end fast approaching, are you prepared for the festive season?  As we step into December, it's definitely the time of the year to wind things down a little and get into the mood of the festive season. Whether you are going to celebrate with friends over a Christmas party or spend time with family members and loved ones on boxing day, having savory food for these Christmas occasions is […]

What Makes Thai Food Special

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What's So Special About Thai Food / Cuisine? The Special Facts About Thai Food Thailand places a huge importance on food and eating, as a common greeting in Thai is "Gin Khao Yung" which translates to "Have you eaten yet?". It is because of this emphasis on the meal that has allowed for a tradition of outstanding culinary flair and passion for Thai food.   Thai food is so popular that you can usually find a place which serves Tom Yum Goong or […]

Indian Cuisine and Food Recipes

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Interesting Facts About Indian Cuisine You might not be aware of this but the Indian dishes you have come to love might not be very Indian at all. Did You Know That… The dish which made the Indian cuisine popular around the world like Chicken Tikka Masala actually originated in Scotland. Samosa was actually a middle eastern food called "Sambosa" a long time before it came to India. Naan bread has Persian origins and was brought to India by Mughals. As India […]

Become A Pro In Your Own Kitchen

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Become a Pro In Cooking! Explore why you should be good at it. The Benefits of Being Skilled In The Kitchen Eating healthy and cooking great dishes is not only a current trend, it's a way of life. Knowing which ingredients to put together and the cooking methods to use in creating tasty and healthy meals is a skill worth having as the key to a happy life starts with good health and eating is a big part of that.   […]

Cook Fresh, Make Healthy Cuisine With Kitchen Aids

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Create Healthy Cuisine – Make Healthy Cooking Your Everyday Choice! Over the past few years, there has been a real surge in the healthy lifestyle industry. From eating clean to Paleo diets, it seems that everyone is more focused on well-being and a healthy way of life. You don't have to change your whole lifestyle and diet to become healthier. In fact, most people have had more success by gradually introducing healthy options until it makes up the bulk of […]

Discover The Techniques In Making Great Pasta And Sauces

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How to scale up your pasta cooking skills?  Are you ready to know the secret? If you like Italian food, I mean good Italian food, you have probably discovered that each restaurant has a different and distinctive taste to their various offerings. One place might use cream in their Carbonara and others will use egg yolk and parmesan to achieve a more authentic taste. A good chef will tell you that the key to a great pasta dish is fresh ingredients […]

How To Make Salted Caramel Macarons?

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Salted Caramel Macarons Recipe and Baking Techniques Macarons are usually quite expensive to buy but they are worth it, but what if you could make your own salted caramel macarons from the comfort of your own kitchen? For those of you with a sweet tooth, there are fewer culinary pleasures that compare to biting into a sweet, delicious salted caramel macaron! Hi, it's Baking Class Foodie Lover here. In this week's post, we promise to give you the easy to do step-by-step process to make those yummy […]

Why Are Macarons So Expensive?

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Why Are Macarons So Expensive? What are Macarons? Macarons are a famous French dessert. They are sandwich-like cookies with delicious filling. The filling can be made from anything that can sandwich the two cookies together, from caramel, jam to buttercream frosting. Macarons may take a bit of time to make. They are much better than the average cookies especially when they have a delicious filling such as caramel and chocolate. The name macaron comes from the Italian name Macaroon. If we were […]

Steamed Food Cooking Class

Steamed Food Cooking Class is one of Singapore new tasty learning experiences. In the world of fast track, you need delicious, nutritious and healthy meals that are easy to throw together. Maybe friends or family called unexpectedly and are coming for dinner, our Hands-on Steamed Food Cooking Class will help you be prepared. With recipes like Steamed Chicken Fillet, Steamed Fish and Steamed Bun, you will find more than one recipe in our Hands-on Cooking Class that you love and will make time and again. Whoever […]