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Baking Classes in Singapore for Locals and Tourists visiting Singapore

Baking Classes Singapore | Hands-On Class | Exciting Baking ExperiencesA lot of people find baking so therapeutic that they do it almost on a regular basis.

Moreover, they have discovered that some of the perfect partners for coffee, tea, and a variety of beverages are cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and pies.

All of these simply make baking classes very attractive.

In our professional kitchen studio, we have conducted numerous hands-on baking class for locals and tourists over the years in Singapore. 

(a) One Day Tourist Baking Class
(b) Tourist Cooking Class with Wet Market Tour
(c) Private Baking Class with flexible dates (min 4 pax)

For Hands-On Cooking Classes, please click —-> Cooking Class in Singapore

Hands-On Baking Classes in Singapore (conducted in professional kitchen environment)

In Singapore, we bring the widest range of hands-on baking classes you can participate with your friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Click on the below links to read more on different types of hands-on baking classes in Singapore. 

  1. Baking Classes Singapore | Hands-On Baking Class | Baking ExperiencesAsian Pastry Baking Class
  2. Asian Sausage Roll Class
  3. American Pie Class
  4. Baking Class for Kids
  5. Black Forest Cake Class
  6. Boutique Style Tarts Making Class
  7. Bread Making Class
  8. Brownie Making Class
  9. Cake Baking Class
  10. Cake Decorating Class
  11. Candy Making Class
  12. Chocolate Making Workshop
  13. Chocolate Making Series
  14. Hokkaido Cheesecake Techniques Class
  15. European Bread Making Class
  16. Japanese Cheese Cake Class
  17. Italian Desserts Making Class
  18. Lotus Paste Mooncake Making Class
  19. Macaron Making Class
  20. Marshmallow Fondant Cake Class
  21. Novelty Cookies Class
  22. Pastry Baking Class
  23. Pizza Making Class
  24. Puff Pastry Making Class
  25. Push Pop Cake Making Class
  26. Purees Making Class
  27. Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake Making Class
  28. Snow Skin Mooncake Making Class
  29. Soft Roll Making Class
  30. Souffle Making Class
  31. Tandoori Bread Making Class
  32. Traditional Mooncake Making Class
  33. Western Pastry Cookies Baking Class
  34. SkillsFuture Baking Class
  35. Xiao Long Bao Techniques Class

If you want to be a professional baker or pastry chef and work in some of the biggest restaurants in the country, or internationally, you have to earn a baking course diploma. You should dedicate at least half year to intensive training.

Students are asked to spend around 4 to 7 hours in the classroom or kitchen, depending on your student status (if you are full time or part time).

The duration is long because the coverage is also extensive. You begin with the foundation, which is an introduction to the world of baking and orientation to various kinds of baking methods and techniques.

It can last for about a week or two. Then you move on to the actual applications.

The ratio to kitchen facilities and the student can be 1:1 – that is, you will have your workstation complete with the necessary kitchen equipment.

You will also need to wear your uniform. Most of the culinary schools then further expose you through on-the-job training in a reputable or affiliated restaurant, hotel, or bakery shop.

Within 3 weeks or a little over a month, you can already have proof of your training. However, you already specialize early on.

For example, if you take a desserts course, do not expect the lessons include Pastry Baking Classes.

On the other hand, you can start enrolling in advanced classes if you already have a thorough background in baking but want to improve your skills.

For instance, you may be used to simple cakes and now prefer to upgrade it through Cake Decorating Classes.

How about beginner? Are there such courses in Singapore? Yes of course. You can sign up for a beginner baking classes and learn how to make and decorate your cake and pastry for your family and friends at your own time.  

Baking For Kids

Baking Classes Singapore | Hands-On Class | Baking ExperiencesBaking has also become one of the best ways to celebrate kids' birthday at a Kids' Baking Party.

Besides, kids naturally have a sweet tooth.

It would make them happier and prouder if they learn how to create cookies and cakes from scratch.

Some schools are opening their doors on the children by offering classes tailored for them. Each class can be around 30 minutes to an hour.

Depending on how many should be made or how comprehensive the coverage is, the kids may have to proceed to the kitchen or school for around 3 sessions.

Nevertheless, these schools have already designed their curriculum to be more interactive and less talk so the children will not get bored.

You can also look for chefs who can teach kids baking privately.

They usually come into your home and bake right in your kitchen, where your children may be more comfortable. 

(a) Junior Baking Class
(b) Junior Cooking Class

(c) Junior Culinary Bootcamp – School Holiday Program

Decide if you want to learn or specialise which area of baking. Many different types of baking classes ranging from Cake Baking, Cake Decorating, and Pastry Baking.

Interested in our offer and want to find out more? Enquire now!

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