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Discover The Techniques In Making Great Pasta And Sauces

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How to scale up your pasta cooking skills?  Are you ready to know the secret? If you like Italian food, I mean good Italian food, you have probably discovered that each restaurant has a different and distinctive taste to their various offerings. One place might use cream in their Carbonara and others will use egg yolk and parmesan to achieve a more authentic taste. A good chef will tell you that the key to a great pasta dish is fresh ingredients […]

Steamed Food Cooking Class

Steamed Food Cooking Class is one of Singapore new tasty learning experiences. In the world of fast track, you need delicious, nutritious and healthy meals that are easy to throw together. Maybe friends or family called unexpectedly and are coming for dinner, our Hands-on Steamed Food Cooking Class will help you be prepared. With recipes like Steamed Chicken Fillet, Steamed Fish and Steamed Bun, you will find more than one recipe in our Hands-on Cooking Class that you love and will make time and again. Whoever […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Cooking Class Date

What better way to say “I love you” than cooking with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. You and your loved one can join us for a special Valentine’s Day Cooking Class. We will teach you to find your way around the kitchen quickly, and the two of you will end up with a delicious meal to share together. Best of all, the two of you will learn cooking tips you can use at home to make more delicious meals. In […]

Trendy Hands-on Cooking Class in Singapore

Trendy Cooking Classes in Singapore Learning brand new cooking styles could not be more exciting and satisfying these days. We have cooked up four fun international cuisine classes that will delight your palate and test your skills.  Italian Cuisine, Souffle Making, Peranakan Cuisine, and Greek Cuisine are our four new cooking classes for you to enjoy and learn. Good food helps keep the weight balanced and your taste buds satisfied, you can take care of both these needs by attending one […]

The Benefits of Chia Seeds in Cooking and Baking

The Benefits of Chia Seeds in Cooking and Baking Chia seeds have exploded in popularity over the last few years as a culinary option and healthy addition to anyone’s diet. These little poppy seed like seeds were a nutritional mainstay in the Aztec diet and have been nourishing people around the world for years. They have a bit of a grey tone because of the black and white coloring. You may think they are meant for you to put in […]

Maid In Training Cooking Classes

Maid In Training Cooking Classes Traveling the world, working in million dollar homes, and serving the elite from California to Asia are just some of the perks to increasing your skills as a maid to the wealthy and healthy. We offer world class cooking classes that will prepare you to impress the most educated of taste. Food choices, food preparation, and high class, high quality entrees are just a few of the excellent meals you will learn to prepare in […]

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Corporate Food Fair

Corporate Food Fairs If you are looking to help educate employees on healthy eating and living, one of the best ways to do so is to have a corporate food fair.  These corporate food fairs are usually staged by companies who have a vested interest in the health of their employees' organizations — schools, businesses, and local government bodies etc.. The central idea is to present food options which are healthy, delicious, affordable, and accessible to the average member of the workforce.  Employees should be given the […]

Local Cooking Class For Food Trend Chasers

Local Cooking Class for Food Trend Chasers Looking for a Fun Culinary Experience just around the block? Local Cooking Class is a terrific scheme for trend chasers especially those food enthusiasts who are avidly active in social media. A lot of new cuisines and recipes from various restaurants and bistros are popping everywhere in the internet and in the news today. Various new food innovations and classic recipes turned into hybrids are coming out these days from creative chefs all over […]

Cooking Class For Teenagers

Cooking Class For Teenagers Cooking Class For Teenagers As A Leisure Activity The junior cooking class is a great way to channel your teens’ overflowing energy into something creative and constructive.  Some parents try other alternatives like sports, music and arts but cooking or baking classes similarly answer the purpose – distract the children from destructive behaviour. The age of adolescence is like the dark ages for the teens and most especially, for their parents. There’s a lot of angst and […]

Fun Activities and Adventure for Tourists

Fun Activities and Adventure for Tourists Tourists are always on the lookout for fun and adventurous experiences that are found nowhere else. No matter what place you happen to be touring, the idea of experiencing a country’s native food is always a thrilling one. And there is no better way to discover the rich heritage and beauty of a place than through its cultural cuisine, is there? Without a doubt, culinary tourism is one of the most desirable experiences for […]