Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes

Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes

Happy New Year to all foodie lovers and subscribers with Cooking Class Singapore!

Happy Chinese New Year

The year of the Dog has just begun and very soon we will be embarking on another big celebration in the region – Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year or simply “Spring Festival’ in modern China.

This year, the first day of Chinese New Year begins on 16th February and lasts for 15 calendar days till the Lantern Festival on 2nd March.

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s an opportunity to take a break from work and renew family ties. The tradition is to hold a lavish feast or reunion dinner to celebrate the lunar new year with auspicious Chinese New Year food. 

Lucky Food for Chinese New Year

When it comes to symbolic food and auspicious dishes used in the Chinese New Year reunion dinner, there are many that can be served depending on the specific culture and dialect group of those celebrating.

The common New Year dishes are, to name a few: 

  • Chinese New Year Auspicious Dish - Stir Fried PawnNian Gao (Year Cake)
  • Yu (Raw Fish), Jiao Zi (Dumplings)
  • Fatt Choy Ho See (Black Moss with Dried Oysters)
  • Chang Shou Main (Longevity Noodles)
  • The Phoenix and Dragon (Whole Chicken and Lobster)
  • Pencai (Big Bowl Feast)
  • Crispy Roasted Pork
  • Braised Mushrooms
  • Abalone, Prawn
  • Drunken Chicken

For the Singapore and Malaysia tradition, the must-have dish is YuSheng Lo Hei (Tossing of Raw Fish Salad) which is served as an appetizer at the beginning of reunion dinner. 

Chinese New Year Lo HeiThe practice of tossing (‘lo hei’) Yusheng (raw fish) means good fortune. Some may use both Yu Sheng and Abalone for the Lo Hei to symbolize double fortune and harvest in the new year. 

These dishes symbolize wealth, abundance, health and prosperity. For instance, prawn is pronounced as “ha” in the Cantonese dialect and symbolizes lots of fun. Why? Because lots of ‘ha, ha, ha’ (laughers) certainly can’t go wrong at your reunion dinner!

Also, abalones, braised mushrooms, braised sea cucumber and black moss are supposed to be inseparable as this dish symbolizes abundance and good fortune based on the way the words of the food sound.  

Chinese New Year Cooking Class – Make Your Own Steam Boat Class

Traditionally, auspicious Chinese New Year ingredients are served as dishes for the reunion dinner.  Gradually, more and more families choose to put together their own steam boat.

Chinese New Year Steam BoatThe Chinese New Year steam boat wouldn't complete without essential meat items such as sliced beef, sliced pork, chicken fillets, meat balls, pork wantons and eggs.  For seafood lovers, adding seafood assortment such as sliced fish, crabs, sliced abalone, fish maw, lobsters, cuttlefish, clams, fish balls, prawns and mussels to the steam boat would make it perfect.

Finally, a steam boat will not be complete without the greens.  Leafy vegetables like lettuce, bak choy, tang oh and root vegetables like carrots, yams, lotus roots, white radish, corns and tomatoes are great ingredients to "sweeten" the soup of the steam boat.  And don't forget to add mushrooms and ta fu (bean curd) as well.

There are companies who offer steam boat package sets and home delivery service.  As the demand for steam boat ingredients are heating up for Chinese New Year steamboat delivery, be sure to order them in advance. 

If you want to create your own steam boat menu and put your own steam boat together, we have a hands-on Chinese New Year cooking class that will teach you how to make everything from scratch plus you will learn how to make the soup base, sauces and food items for your steam boat. See more details below.

  • You'll learn to make your own steam boat from scratch – Preparation of Ingredients, 
  • You'll learn to make various types of soup base – Tomato, Sichuan, Satay, Herbal Chicken
  • You'll learn to make various types of sauces from fresh ingredients – Sambal Belanchan, Chinese Steam Boat Sauce, Tahi Suki, Japanese Ponzu.
  • You'll learn to make unique Chinese style food items – Fish Cakes, Pawn Balls, Beef Balls, Pork Balls. 

​Classes start soon so don't miss the opportunity to enroll!

Chinese Cuisine Cooking Classes – Foundations of Chinese Cuisine & Cooking Technique Classes

Chinese New Year Auspicious DishTo upgrade or polish your culinary skills or even if you are a beginner, you can take up the Chinese Cuisine Foundation Classes and learn to make authentic and auspicious Chinese dishes just right before the Lunar New Year starts. A number of classes are available in the month of January so do check them out fast before they are fully registered due to their popularity and high demand.

As there are many ways to cook the same ingredients, you will also learn a range of basic cooking techniques and methods traditionally used to make meat, seafood and vegetable dishes as well as Chinese broths in the Foundation Class.

Chinese New Year Bake Festive Classes – Traditional Pastry Class

Chinese New Year Pineapple TartNow turning to pastries, some of the most popular Chinese New Year pastries are Hup Toh Soh (Walnut cookies), Pineapple tartsSalted Egg Yolk CookiesDaisy Cookies, and Almond Sugee Cookies

Love to indulge in these traditional pastry delights?  Learn to make them yourself. Enroll in a CNY Bake Festive Classes to learn to make these delicious tarts and pastries. What's more, the chefs will share their recipe of how to enhance the pineapple jam to your taste.

Baking Classes – Asian Pastry Class, Western Pastry Class

Chinese New Year SconesIn today's modern society, you will also see Asian families use western pastries such as Scones with a variety of flavors and variations as afternoon tea time goodies and gifts for friends and loved ones during the festive season.  So why not create your very own 'East meet West' or 'Fusion' goodie bags for home visits during Chinese New Year?

Check our our baking classes for Asian Pastry and Wester Pasty for classes that are available in January as well as throughout the year. 

Usher In Delightful Happy Eaters

Chinese New Year PastryStart your Chinese New Year with a ‘bang’ by serving delicious food and ushering in delightful joyful eaters!

Cooking Class Singapore is delighted to bring to you the Chinese New Year Cooking and Baking Classes for 2018. These Cook Festive and Bake Festive Classes are taught by experienced chefs who will not only teach you how to make authentic Chinese New Year dishes and pastries but share enhanced recipes and food trends based on years of experience teaching the classes.

The cook and bake festive classes are only available once a year and we highly recommended that you register fast before seats are all taken up.  If you are a tourist visiting Singapore and want to enroll in a Cooking Class to learn to make authentic Chinese cuisine and pastries, don't miss out this golden opportunity!


Enroll in a Chinese New Year Cooking or Baking Festive Class today. 

Request for the class schedule by sending us an enquiry (simply use the form on the top right of this page).

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Chinese New Year Baking Class

Enjoy all abundance and prosperity in New Year and we wish you many happy returns in 2018!

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Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes
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Chinese New Year Cooking & Baking Classes
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