Christmas Food Celebration Ideas

Discover Great Christmas Food Celebration Ideas 

Time flies! With Christmas and the year-end fast approaching, are you prepared for the festive season? 

Christmas PartyAs we step into December, it's definitely the time of the year to wind things down a little and get into the mood of the festive season. Whether you are going to celebrate with friends over a Christmas party or spend time with family members and loved ones on boxing day, having savory food for these Christmas occasions is an important part of the celebration. 

In today’s blog, we are excited to provide you with some great Christmas food celebration ideas. So are you ready for it?  Read on…

Impress your guests and shine your culinary skills this Christmas! 

Invite your friends over for Christmas celebration and show off your culinary skills. Wow them by serving great home cooked Christmas dishes prepared by you.

If you don’t have an idea what to cook, join a hands-on cooking class to get inspiration and Christmas menu recipes from professional chefs and food expert educators. Learn how to make the most tantalizing dishes for your guests.

If you want to keep it more simple, you can join a fun-filled baking class and learn to make Christmas goodies like cookies and log cakes.

Don’t forget that there are SkillsFuture approved classes in action. If you are a Singaporean over the age of 25, you can use your $500 credit for cooking classes and baking classes.  

Christmas Festive Cooking Class

Throw a fabulous cocktail party!

This is a great informal social gathering that is relaxing and pleasing to many people, especially for those who love party drinks and craft their cocktail beverages. 

Cocktail parties are hassle-free to plan. All you need to do is prepare great cocktail recipes that go with delicious snacks. You can gather a few friends to attend a cocktail mixology and bartending class first. Once you have learned the essentials of cocktail mixing, invite your friends or coworkers over to your place for a fun cocktail party. 

Tip of the Day: If you have vegan or vegetarians guests coming over for your Christmas party, you will want to make some vegetarian or vegan snacks for these guests. You can make some stunning Turkish dinner rolls called pogaca which are easy to make. They are deliciously soft and airy and wonderfully versatile, whether you bake the basic version or stuff them with fillings like onions, celery, cucumber or caramelized apples, almond flakes and raisins.

Cocktail Party

DIY your Christmas food gifts! 

Delight your friends and loved ones with homemade edible food treats.  Homemade Christmas good treats are so much more personal, thoughtful and delicious gift ideas and inexpensive to make. No one can resist delicious homemade Christmas butter cookies, jam cookies, Christmas brownies, vanilla crescents,  and gingerbread man and house, especially when these gourmet goodies are prettily decorated and packaged. How about making some chocolate glaze or rich and dense rum and raisin Christmas fruitcake if you are someone who love cakes.

If you like Japanese soft bread, you can make Christmas bread with matcha and red bean filling.  Another perfect Christmas gift idea is to make macarons of different designs and flavors and then put them into lovely gift bags. There are so many wonderful recipe ideas you can use and turn them into great Christmas gifts for that special someone. 

Enroll in a Christmas Baking class to learn to make Christmas pastries and desserts such as German bee sting cakes, Panna tone, Apple Raisin pull apart, and Salmon and lee filo pastry and many more. 

Christmas Goodies

Plan a Christmas-themed cooking party! 

Start your own private class and choose your own class and date if you have 4 or more friends and let us know!  Be it a buffet spread, cocktail & canapé evening or private family dinner party at your home or preferred location, let us provide you with our delicious signature cuisine for your gatherings and parties this festive season! If you have specific food preferences, we will match your needs.

Cooking Themed Party

Leave the messy cooking to your Private Chef! 

Cutting to the chase, let the professionals take care of your dining needs. For those who are not going to venture that far into DIY recipes, try the Private Chef service and get professional chefs to cook for you! You can have a peace of mind with your celebration while you leave the food preparation and cooking to the hands of the experts.

If you love to throw impressive dinner parties, the private chef option is exactly what you need.  A team of fully trained and highly experienced professional chefs will cater to your every need so you can just focus on entertaining your valued guests and knowing that only the most delectable dishes will be served at your parties.  And guess what? Your guests will be asking you to share the recipes at the end of the function!  

Private Chef Service

Gift Your friend a Cooking or Baking Class Voucher! 

For a limited time, you will get a $20 gift voucher for every hands-on cooking or baking class you attend from now until December 31st 2017.  Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of receipt so you can save them for attending any cooking classes and baking classes in 2018.

You can accumulate the gift vouchers and attend classes for free or gift them to family and friends. Alternatively, the purchase of gift vouchers are available too.


Present a Gift - Cooking Class Vouchers

Refresh your Christmas table setting etiquette skills! 

Knowing proper table manners and displaying the right dining etiquettes at formal dinners, parties or someone's home boosts your confidence level socially and professionally. Attending a social dining and etiquette class to learn the proper social dining and etiquette skills is what you need to do. For this festive season, we have added social and dining etiquette classes to our schedule for those are interested.

Social Dining & Etiquette Class

With Christmas just a few weeks away, don’t miss out this opportunity! Click here to request for the Christmas Festive Cooking and Baking Classes that focus on Christmas Celebration menu.

Take Actions Today! At Cooking Class Singapore, we are delighted to bring you a variety of culinary classes at your fingertips. Rest assured that you don’t just learn how to follow recipes and make dishes. Our hand-picked selection of cooking classes and baking classes will teach you great culinary technique and principles to become a better cook. These festive classes have been held for many years, and you would appreciate that the food recipes and cooking techniques have been fine-tuned many times over the years so you will be getting the best out of these classes from highly experienced chefs and educators in the food industry. 

Sign up fast so you don't miss out on the latest classes for December as they fill quickly! We have added new classes and menus recently and we will be adding more every month.  There are over 50 SkillsFuture Approved Cooking and Baking Classes on Chinese cuisine and pastries, French cuisine and pastries, European cuisine and pastries, Christmas Celebration Menu, Indian Cuisine and Pastries, Vietnamese Cuisine and Pastries, Healthy Cuisine and Pastries, and many more.

Fill out the enquiry form (scroll to the top right of this page) to get the class schedule today!

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Christmas Food Celebration Ideas
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Christmas Food Celebration Ideas
Having savory food is an important part of any celebration. Discover great Christmas food celebration ideas to celebrate this festive season!
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