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Cocktail Mixology and Basic Bartending Skills

No one heard anybody says “I am bored of drinking”.

Cocktail Mixology Class Singapore | Basic Bartending Skills | MojitoWhether it’s socialising with friends or relaxing after a long day, the touch of a cold glass of alcohol is like a massage to the soul.

You may like drinking at bars where they have the endless variety of drinks, cool ambience, and nice music.

But the truth is nothing beats the convenience of home. It’s less expensive and allows you to drink anytime.

While the idea of drinking can’t be less exciting, you can up the ante by learning about new drinks and making cocktails.

Cocktails add many benefits to traditional alcohol by making it healthier, tastier and refreshing.

The good news is, making cocktails doesn’t require knowledge of bottle juggling or pyrotechnics, it just needs a little knowledge about mixing drinks, and you can make drinking more fun and less expensive.

A fun way to start learning about mixing drinks, cocktails and bartending skills is to join a class with an experienced guide to help you with basics. The most basic thing about drinking is to know your drinks.

But there are so many varieties of alcoholic beverages that it’s impossible to know all of them. You may believe that you know everything about drinking, but when it comes to drinking, there is always more to learn.  

Cocktail Mixology Class

It is a class that can get you familiar with new tastes and helps you make a better choice with alcohol for yourself and others.

You can also learn to prepare cocktails (Singapore Sling, Whiskey Sour and Mojito) and mocktails (Shirley Temple and Virgin Pina Colada) and some basic alcohol properties like alcohol contents, taste, and shelf life for proper storage and mix.

If you want to set up your bar at home, you may want to know about tools required in the bar and what is the substitute that can be used.

In a bar, there is a different glass for every type of drink.

The reason for different shapes is not just aesthetics, but it helps in better drinking experience. If you learn to serve different drinks, you may also want to know which glassware is more suited for a particular drink.

Making basic drinks is easy but you can always add taste by introducing new ways to drink.

It’s good to know good drinking combinations lie what drink goes neat, what goes on the rocks and what goes with coke.

Once you know basic drinks, next step is learning about cocktails.

If you know the taste of few basic drinks, you can choose your creative combos. Most cocktails require some garnish for taste and decoration. Lastly, knowing about a few favourite cocktails will make you fulfil the popular demand of your favourite guest.

Drinking is not just about getting high; it’s an expression of exquisite taste and style. You can achieve greater sophistication in drinking by learning few skills like mixing drinks and making cocktails. It is a skill one can boast and feel proud about.

You cannot visit bar every time to get a drink, but you can always bring the bar to your home.

Why not enrol into a Cocktail Making Class and show off your skills to your guests at your party! 

For more information on class schedule and prices, send us an enquiry!

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