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Cooking Classes in Singapore For Locals and Tourists visiting Singapore

Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-on Experiences | Locals & TouristsIs your kitchen getting slightly underused or ignored? Are you passionate in making delicious meals for yourself or your loved ones? Are you planning a visit to Singapore and wanting to learn new culinary skills during your stay here.
We bring the widest selection of hands-on cooking classes, and professional chefs conduct these classes at our kitchen studio. 
We have conducted many cooking class for tourists over the years in Singapore, and they love the Hands-on experiences they had during their short stay in Singapore. 
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Hands-On Cooking Classes in Singapore (conducted in professional kitchen studios)

We have the widest selection of hands-on cooking classes and these classes are held throughout the year for locals and tourists, including corporations and for private parties or events.

  1. Arabian Cooking Class
  2. Asian Roasted Meats Cooking Class
  3. Asian Salads Cooking Class
  4. Chinese Cooking Class
  5. Chinese Noodles Cooking Class
  6. Chinese Rice Dumpling Cooking Class
  7. Christmas Cooking Class
  8. Domestic Helper Class
  9. French Cooking Class
  10. German Cuisine Cooking Class
  11. Gluten-Free Cuisine Cooking Class
  12. Greek Cuisine Cooking Class
  13. Healthy Light Fish Cooking Class 
  14. Healthy Plant-Based Cooking Class
  15. Healthy Meat Based Cooking Class
  16. Indian Cooking Class
  17. Italian Cooking Class
  18. Indonesian Cooking Class
  19. Japanese Cooking Class 
  20. Japanese Teishoku Workshop
  21. Junior Cooking Class
  22. Korean Cooking Class
  23. Lebanese Cooking Class
  24. Malay Cooking Class
  25. Mexican Cooking Class
  26. Mediterranean / Middle East Cooking Class
  27. Moroccan Cooking Class
  28. Nonya Cooking Class
  29. Peranakan Cooking Class
  30. Sausage Making Class
  31. Shellfish Cooking Class
  32. South Indian Cuisine Cooking Class
  33. Spanish Cooking Class
  34. Sushi Cooking Class
  35. Seafood Cooking Class
  36. Singaporean Cooking Class
  37. Singapore Heritage Cuisine Cooking Class
  38. Thai Cooking Class
  39. Vegan Cooking Class
  40. Vegetarian Cooking Class
  41. Vietnamese Cooking Class
  42. Xiao Long Bao Cooking Class
  43. Foundation of Culinary Arts
  44. SkillsFuture Cooking Class

Why is it necessary to attend hands-on cooking classes?

From YouTube, you now have the option to self-learn or self-teach as much as you can about cooking or culinary.

For instance, you can download a video and watch it at your own conveniences. 

Bring the iPad into your kitchen, observe and cook simultaneously. But there are also countless essential reasons why you should try to attend hands-on cooking classes that give you a real cooking experience and learn from a professional chef.

  1. First, cooking methods can greatly vary. Steaming is entirely different from simmering, poaching, and boiling. You also need to know the differences between grilling, roasting, and barbequing. These subtle differences, however, can determine how tasty or not the food is. In a hands-on cooking class, you can taste the food you cook in the process and improve on it with the guidance of the chef instructor.

  2. Second, you have to respect cultures and heritage. A lot of the cooking techniques out there are handed down from generations to generations. Although they may have been slightly altered because of cross-influences, they are still incredibly unique and distinctive to a certain culture. For example, Indian soups are expected to be spicier and thicker than those of the Chinese as the Indians have always been huge fans of ghee and spices. You can celebrate diversity!
  3. Third, if you want to take cooking professionally—that is, make it a career or set up a business—you have to be reliable and properly educated. You need certificates to prove that you obtained formal training from real chefs.
  4. Fourth, it lets you save money. Students these days have become more conscious about their health and are now exploring various ways to prepare meals to improve their well-being. This benefit is also extended to children. Moreover, since they already know how to cook more excellent and unique meals, they can already skip dining at fancy restaurants.
  5. Fifth, YouTube and other video channels are populated with handy cooking tutorials, it still feels so different when you’re in a professional kitchen studio and listening to instructions from and interacting with professional chefs, to whom they can ask questions and receive answers from directly.  

Where do I find a Hands-on Cooking Class in Singapore?

Singapore has a growing number of professional cooking schools because of three things.

First, it is an interesting mix of different cultures, from Malays to Chinese and Indians.

Second, more expatriates and tourists are visiting Singapore every year and some are keen to learn to cook Asian and Singapore cuisine, and learn from professional chef.

Third, attending hands-on cooking classes have become one of most popular activities for family bonding, friend gatherings and Corporate Team Building.

To find the appropriate Hands-on Cooking Class, here are some handy tips:

1. Know how much time you can dedicate. If you prefer working and learning, then attend short-course classes or those that last for only 2 to 3 hours a day. You can also find schools that are specifically designed for working adults. Most of the classes are offered during weekends or after office hours. 

2. Determine if it is a hands-on training. All our classes are hands-on class which allow you to prepare the ingredients and cook / bake. 

3. Decide if you want to specialise. Find out if you want to bake rather than honestly cook or whether you want to learn cuisines ranging from Indian, French, Indonesian Bali, Thai, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese (Peranakan, Singaporean), Korean, Mexican to Vegetarian cooking.

4. You may have been to many Corporate Team Building events with your company. Have you been to a Corporate Team Building Cooking Event? More and more companies are exploring different ways to build better personal and working relationships. Cooking creates a relaxing and casual environment for everyone to mingle together. 

5. Next month is your kid's birthday, and you want to give him/her a big surprise. How about getting his/her friends together for a Children's Birthday Baking Parties? This can be fun, engaging and enriching for the kids and they can learn some valuable skills through these activities.

6. Next month is your best friend's wedding, and you would like to organise a Hen's Party. How about a Hen's Party Cooking Class in Singapore? This can be fun and experiential! Imagine whipping a dish or two with your best friends in a modern kitchen studio! Create a memorable evening for her special day.


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