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A Prudent Kick Off To Your Domestic Helper's Culinary Skills in Singapore

Domestic Helper Cooking Class Singapore | Cook Family MealsDomestic Helper cooking class is your gateway to jump start or upgrade your helper's culinary skills.

If you are thinking of getting your home assistant to become your home gourmet chef but you are not sure if you should send her to any cooking classes yet, why not start her off with cooking classes specialised for domestic helpers first?

These hands-on class will let her take proper baby steps to learn the essential culinary skills to prepare great family meals. 

We offer the most comprehensive hands-on culinary curriculum for your domestic helpers so she can learn to cook the gourmet dishes you like. 

Your helper will learn practically all the basic knowledge she should know to whip up delectable meals for your family. Moreover, she will learn to use modern kitchen equipment and utensils properly in the process.

The domestic helper cooking class series include basic cooking principles, food safety, knife skills, kitchen etiquette and basic knife cuts techniques. The recipe catalog includes Baking and Pastry Arts, Appetizers and Snack Recipes, Side dishes and Salads, Soups and Stews, Main Dishes and the works for Thai, Chinese, Spanish, French Cuisine etc.  

Domestic Helper Cooking Class Singapore | Cook Family Meals

Your domestic helper will learn how to plan a menu, choose the best ingredients and prepare the most delectable recipes.

The basic course is a complete package of cooking classes and a sagacious kick off to a more advanced education in culinary science, later on, should you wish to bring your cooking skills another notch higher.

If you want your domestic helper to specialise into Cake Decoration or Pasta Connoisseurship, this is also part of the cooking series where she will start by taking a kitchen fundamentals cookery class.

She will enjoy the session and at the same time learn the essentials in cooking from the best gourmet chefs while having fun in a casual and cheerful ambience – minus the pressure.

Domestic Helper Cooking Class Series is a necessary onset to becoming a successful chef for your helper because everything starts from the basic and the smartest way to get to the top is to let her master the very foundation of whatever vocation you wish her to pursue.

Basic Cooking Classes For Newly-Instated Housewives

Domestic Helper Cooking Class Singapore | Cook Family MealsWe have also seen many newly-web homemakers enrol into the domestic helper cooking classes and find these classes are very useful.

This is because they get so ecstatic and frenzied by their wedding preparations and overwhelmed by the thought of getting married that they totally forgot the cooking part.

Most women nowadays are so driven and competitive in the professional world that their domestic obligations are sometimes taken for granted. In fact, statistically speaking, men are a better cook than women. Well, it’s never too late to learn.

All hands-on classes are conducted in our own kitchen studio.

Enrol in one of our cooking classes and unleash the culinary goddess in you.

We have all types of cooking program – most especially the basic courses for the fundamentals in cooking. You will be taught the Basic Cooking Principles, basic stocks and sauces, Knife skills, Kitchen safety and all fundamental know-hows in the kitchen.

You will also learn basic home-cooked recipes including the techniques in baking and pastry making. This cooking program will be adjusted to your culinary background or lack thereof. A brilliant and amenable team of chefs will guide and assist you and will guarantee the best results for maximum learning and excellent culinary experience.

Domestic Helper Cooking Class Series is a worthwhile investment!

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