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Junior Culinary Boot Camp – School Holiday Program (over 5 half days)

Junior Culinary Boot Camp Singapore | Popular School Holiday Activities

There has never been a better time than right now to teach your children about good cooking & baking skills, excellent eating habits, and discovering all the wonderful foods the world has to offer.

The Junior Culinary Boot Camp (a series of 5 classes) includes progressive cooking and baking classes for teenagers over five half days.

This is highly rated as one of the most enjoyable, enriching and exciting school holiday activities in Singapore. 

The Junior Culinary Boot Camp is suitable for children of all age group and children younger than 7-year-olds, they will require their parent's supervision in our kitchen studio.

Give your child a school holiday to remember in one of our classes or boot camps where they will learn how to make fun and healthy foods.

Some of the exciting activities the younger kids will learn is how to make rice balls and make them look like animals.

They will also be taught about colour in food like red tomatoes and green peppers, and how to utilise the colour to make great looking dishes.

The kids will be able to unleash their creativity once they have been taught a few basic lessons for seeing food in a fun and creative way.

Why Cooking Matters

The children cooking class is excellent for your middle school or high school aged child where they will learn how to cook a whole meal.

Junior Culinary Boot Camp Singapore | Popular School Holiday Activities

Expert chefs will show your child healthy ways to eat and prepare food for themselves and your family.

Take a break and let your teenager do the cooking. Each class participant will receive a certificate they can frame and be proud of at the end of the camp.

The best part is you get to sit down and have a meal cooked by your child. This is part of receiving the certificate and passing the Boot Camp.

Our chefs are experts in their fields, and they love kids. The school break is a perfect time to teach your kids something they can take with them throughout their lives.

You never know, you could have a budding chef on your hands and what better way to get them started than learning from an expert.

Eating is an everyday part of our lives, and good food helps keep our kids smart and healthy. If they know early on what good choices to make when it comes to food, then their lives will be enriched and better living.

These junior cooking classes are one of the popular activities that you can send your child to during their school holiday break. 

We are here to help your kids get started on an important skill to have in life.

The reasonably priced classes and boot camps are a perfect way for your child to meet other kids who are interested in food as well focus on something important to all of us, eating.

Send us an enquiry for more information on the next Junior Culinary Boot Camp.  

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