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Korean Cooking Classes

Korean Cooking Class To Experience East Asia Culture

Learn to cook Korean cuisine and gain greater insight into the Korean culture!  It is said that to really understand a country’s culture, you must experience its food.  This applies to Korean Culture also.  Its mouth watering cuisine and special dishes for every occasion is a must try. Here at Cooking Class Singapore, we offer both private and public clients hands-on workshops, seminars, culinary events, food consultation, professional chef training, and menu creation.

We offer Korean cooking classes taught by a popular chef instructor where students learn how to cook authentic Korean dishes.  Both Singaporeans and visitors to Singapore will learn classic Korean cuisine like Bi Bim Bab, Yangnyeom Tongda, Soondubu Jiggae, Pa Jeon, Bulgogi, Jap Chei, Kimchi Jeon, Seoleong Tang, Ddukbokkie,  Sam Gye Tang, and Jap Chae.  

The cooking class will help to provide and introduce principles of Korean cuisine and to fuse techniques, ingredients, and education with an understanding of other cuisines to implement accessible yet authentic flavors of Korea.  

Korean cuisine as a national cuisine known today has evolved through centuries of social and political change.  Its roots can be traced back to myths and legends of antiquity originating from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in southern Manchuria and northern Korean peninsula. Here visitors will experience Korean culture by preparing dishes in a fun and frolic way inside a modern and state-of-the art kitchen studio.

Korean cooking can be as easy as learning ABC.  Once you get the hang of few sauces, anyone can create an authentic Korean banquet. All ingredients and recipes are provided and most dishes can be modified for vegetarians, so there is something for everyone to learn and prepare dishes. Here visitors will interact with each other and share their kitchen experiences and there are special sessions of culinary art provided by our instructor Kim Jeong. Korean Cooking Class is conducted in English.

Korean Cooking Class Will Make A Memorable Experience For All

Korean Cooking ClassesIt is our goal to present you with an unforgettable experience of preparing sumptuous, authentic and mouth watering traditional Korean cuisine.

The cooking classes are designed for Korean food lovers who want to experience rich Korean meal. There will be demonstration, hands-on cooking and also comprehensive Recipes of Korean cuisine.

The class concludes with lunch/dinner of the dishes made, accompanied by numerous side dishes and kim-chi that is unique to Korean cuisine. This will improve the liking of Korean meal and visitors will learn to appreciate their product.

What Can You Learn from A Korean Cooking Class?

If your main objective is to learn how to cook and prepare a number of Korean recipes and gain knowledge about Korean culture, you have come to the right place.  Learn how to prepare and cook the classic Korean dishes from our professional chef instructors and share this experience with friends, family and clients.

Cooking Class Singapore offers a wide selection of group cooking classes, and private cooking events, and tourist cooking classes which will be a memorable and totally different experience for you Korean Cooking class requires no prior experience, it's easy to learn and make new friends and enjoy yourself.


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