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Dining Etiquette Workshops – Public and Private Classes are available.

Some people think that social etiquette classes are all about proper handling of spoon, fork and knives on the dining table, but there are more to look forward to.

We have dining etiquette classes catered for all age groups. Learn all the dos and do not's from established etiquette experts with more than ten years in the field.

Etiquette Class For Adults - Sharpen your social skillsEtiquette Class For Adults / Business Professionals

The etiquette workshop for adults enhances your confidence to handle things and situations, whether it is business or even simple gathering.

Learning how to bring out the best in you by having the right attitude, dining etiquette, and proper table manners.

Sharpen your social skills and wow your guests with social graces.

In this workshop, you will learn the art of good manners and the rules of appropriate social and dining etiquette.
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Etiquette Class For Teens and Youths - Empowering their personalityEtiquette Class For Teens and Youths

With teens today spending more time staying in front of their TVs and computers, they are spending less time to practice social interactions with others.

Their interaction with people may be sending a text message on the computer or mobile phone and what they don’t know is that learning good manners and proper social etiquette from young helps them set the stage for future interviews, and career and business opportunities.

The etiquette workshop for teens goes beyond teaching your teens how to use the proper silverware at the dining table. It also teaches them how to empower their personality and improve leadership skills.

They will learn the importance of self-confidence and how to socialise with people.
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Etiquette Class For Kids - Interactive Class

Etiquette Class For Kids

This is a highly interactive and engaging class for kids.

It is customised such that the rules on table manners are addressed in a creative, fun and engaging way using role plays, quizzes, games and more.

Your kids will not only have hands-on practice using a fork, spoon and knife to learn proper table manners.

In the etiquette class for kids, they will also learn to be polite and respect others in a social setting. 

It’s never too early for your children to start learning etiquette and social graces.
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