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Etiquette is defined as polite behavior and good manners for both social or professional settings.

Having the proper etiquette and manners has a direct impact on your social or business success.  

Be A First Class Host & Treat Your Guests To A Celebrity Experience!

Etiquette Class For AdultsIn this fun and interactive “Etiquette and The Art of Good Manner Class”, you will learn about food preparations, planning the menu, preparation of tableware, drinks and foods, proper way of serving the drink, setting the table, planning the seating arrangement.

And of course, proper dining etiquette and manners to end the dinner or party.

The etiquette class for adults is designed to provide you with all the essential knowledge and hands-on training to be the perfect host and first class for your dining event.

Etiquette and The Art of Good Manners

Typically, if you are inside a restaurant and waiting for orders, you don’t mind how napkins and glassware are arranged.

You are probably thinking that 'Oh, the waiter is excellent and creative'. 

Etiquette Class For AdultsHowever, folding a napkin, designing the whole table, arranging the plates, forks, and spoons, as well as serving your champagne and platter are not examples of innate waiter skills, but best ways to conclude that your waiter has an excellent knowledge from training and seminars about proper etiquettes.

Obviously, these waiters have attended several workshops and activities to learn these skills to serve their clients properly and efficiently.

For restaurant owners who want to send your staff to get hands-on training to be brilliant waiters/waitresses, this class serves your business needs.

Well, if you love to cook or prepare foods of your choice to entertain your guests and create a fine dining experience, then you should pursue this dining etiquette class.

Let’s get started now!  

Learn Proper Etiquette & Manners for Party and Dinner Hosting

For more information on class details and schedules, send us an online enquiry today!

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