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Etiquette Class For Kids Proper etiquette and good dinning manners should not be displayed only in fancy restaurants but in all occasions including regular restaurants and at home.

Dining etiquette is not only how you behave in restaurants but it’s how you posture yourself and handle utensils as well. 

Possessing proper etiquette gives people the first impression about your personality and the kind of person you are. Teaching your kids proper etiquette and instilling good values in them as early as possible helps them mold their own character at a tender age.

Your kids' actions is a reflection of how you have reared them to be as parents and it reflects the kind of environment they grown up in. 

Workshop for Kiddos (Age 5 – 11)

Etiquette Class For KidsTeaching kids to have good table manners and proper etiquette at a young age helps them build self-confidence, improve communication skills, strengthen their ability to interact with others. These are the reasons why many parents send their kiddos to etiquette classes to reinforce the education of proper etiquette and good manners.

The Etiquette Class for Kids is a fun and interactive workshop designed for children from five to eleven years old.

About Etiquette Class for Kids

Etiquette class for kids is a workshop that will teach your children etiquette and good table manners in a fun way – using eye contact, positive body language, being polite, saying please and thank you, using and folding the napkins and hold cutlery and glassware the correct way, manage different settings of an entire meal course, and many more.

You kiddos will also learn the proper arrangement of utensils, how to properly pick them up and how to properly arrange the plates and utensils after meal.

Dining etiquette is for everybody, and it is certainly beneficial to teach your kids when they are young.

Singapore’s Best Etiquette Class for Kids

Etiquette Class For KidsAt Cooking Class Singapore, we have the best dining etiquette classes for your children!

These classes are convenient since they are offered throughout the year and during the Singapore holidays.

Don’t wait any longer to enrol your kids in these fun and fancy etiquette classes!

For more information on class details and schedules, send us an enquiry now!

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