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Essential Etiquette For Teens

Etiquette Class For Teens

We all know that youngsters are the hope of the future.

We love and care for them every step of the way.

Their world revolves around schoolwork, school activities and making friends, spending time at home watching DVDs and playing in their rooms.

Teens nowadays always surf the internet which involves social networking and blogging. 

You see how busy they are socialising and become more active as they grow. 

The bottom line is, teens and youths should know how to behave properly anywhere they go, whether offering a seat on a bus to an elderly woman or physically challenged person, to know how to eat properly in formal meals and how to answer conversations when they are in different social settings.

Etiquette Class for Teens teaches your teens the proper dining manners and self presentation.

It will help them find out more about dining etiquette in all aspects with fun, memorable and exciting activities. Once they understand the importance and value of the lessons, they will keep it for the rest of their lives.

What is the importance of etiquette that may affect teens to influence others?

Young individuals will have awareness in their physical appearance that makes them confidence in dealing with people. In etiquette class, they will learn how to project themselves well with good manners and etiquette. It is important that they learn how to communicate and interact with other people especially in social occasions.

Your teens should know when to empathize and respect other people. It is important that they gain their integrity by simply showing respect.

Etiquette Class For TeensA lot of schools are offering etiquette classes with different specific topics and duration. Here are some suggested fun and exciting etiquette programs for your teens.

  • Visual Poise ( which includes posture, how to stand and walk with confidence
  • Self Introduction ( which includes telephone manners, handshakes and eye contact, the art of conversation, invitation, thank you notes and interviewing.
  • Power of Presence (includes the art of dressing)
  • Table manners ( how to use utensils, how to eat certain food or meal, how to act graciously with guest, instructional dinner
  • Social Dance Skills
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Etiquette in Attending Party
  • Prom Tips
  • Social Networking Etiquette
  • Dating Courtesies
  • Summer Camp Etiquette
  • Self Expression ( includes how to apologise and let go, expressing feelings and manage anger)
  • Self Esteem Building
  • Dinning Do’s and Don't’s
  • Good Activity Behavior
  • Wardrobe Do’s and Don't’s

If you are looking for the best dining etiquette class for teens, we have excellent workshops that are conducted by etiquette consultants who will help your teens undertake the training in a fun and engaging setting.  

Send us an enquiry for class schedules on Etiquette Class for Teens!

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