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Gift Vouchers  The Perfect Gift for your loved ones, family and friends

If you are always struggling to think of the perfect gift for your loved ones, don’t worry – you are not alone. 

Cooking Class Gift Vouchers - for your loved ones

Some people are just incredibly difficult to shop for their gift, and we all know at least some individuals who appear to have everything. 

An excellent way to get around the gift buying is to stop thinking about the gifts that are "things" and start thinking about gifts that are "experiences". 

When it comes to purchasing an experience for your loved ones, Cooking Class or Baking Class Gift vouchers are the way to go.

However, most people struggle to come up with options which are fun and unique. 

You can only give restaurant vouchers so many times before it becomes predictable. 

And not everyone is looking for a day at the spa? So, what is a great alternative?

Why not opt for cooking class or baking class gift vouchers? 

With these gift vouchers, you are giving a unique "experience" which is incredibly fun and gives the recipient something that they can really cook or bake a few new recipes and possibly learn some new cooking or baking techniques.

Cooking Class Gift Voucher - For FriendsAnd these classes do not need to be a single event you can purchase them for couples, families, friends and even your colleagues. 

Rather than heading to a restaurant or spa separately, a cooking class can give everyone both the experience and a sense of togetherness. 

The key to getting this one right is finding the professional kitchen studio to purchase the gift vouchers.  

The cooking schools in Singapore offer a wide variety of cuisine classes that are suited to the gift recipient. 

As with any other gift, it takes some careful thought and planning on your part. 

For Couples

If you are looking to gift a private class to a couple, you should look for a studio which offers couples cooking classes.  Many kitchen studios offer these classes with various romantic themes. 

From “Dinner for Two” to “Wine and Dessert” themes, you will have plenty of offerings to go through, and you may want to check that the studio you select offers one that is the perfect fit for the couple you have in mind.

For Families

When you are looking for the kitchen studio to purchase gift vouchers from for a family, you may want to check that the venue is family friendly. 

Ask the cooking school about their offerings which target children in addition to those for entire families.  The more experience they have with little ones, the better they can working with the family.  They can also better advise you on the tastes of the adults as well as the children.

For Friends

When gifting a cooking experience to friends, anything goes.  Part of the fun is trying something new, so consider a studio that offers classes in a type of cuisine you are all unfamiliar. 

Do share with us your ideas and we can cater Private Class especially for you:

(a) Private Baking Class with flexible dates (min 4 pax)
(b) Private Cooking Class with flexible dates (min 4 pax)
(c) Hen's Parties
(d) Kids' Birthday Party

More than anything, look for a kitchen studio with a lighthearted atmosphere that can make the class feel a bit like a party, and this is perfect for a girl’s night out.

No matter who you need to buy for, there is the perfect studio for you. 

Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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