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Indoor Team Building GamesSomething's "Cooking" At the Office !

A New and Awesome way to spend bonding time with workmates is becoming popular in Singapore. Enter the team building cooking class – This is where colleagues enroll in a gourmet cooking institution to gain the knowledge, confidence and experience, the professional chefs have. They find themselves in world class kitchens and under the guidance of chefs. There they learn to create delectable and elegant courses. This activity is not only a very unique way to bond but also a much unexpected avenue for motivation, determination, and success. For this purpose, it has now become an essential part of the whole business management strategy. 

Palate Sensations Cookng School has been teaching a lot of people how to make professional style cuisine since 2006. From their inception, they have catered to a wide variety of cooking courses that suit the demand of their clientele, which includes, yes, the corporate crowd. The school has had a number of groups hailing from different companies. To better cater to this fast-growing market, the school has devised a brilliant program the team building seekers can choose from. One of the most famous programs the school offers is the Restaurant Simulation Team Building Cooking Class.



What is the Restaurant Simulation Program about? 

  • In the restaurant simulation program, participants simulate the actual workings of a restaurant kitchen.
  • Participants are divided into four (4) teams who undergo enjoyable "chef-in-the-training" sessions that culminate in a restaurant scenario with their co-workers.
  • Each team is assigned to a cooking station.
  • Each station has to cook the assigned recipe for the whole team (e.g. role play as customers).
  • All the food is to be prepared and plated following the specific guidelines and recipes given by the chef. 
  • Special dietery requests and food menu can be requested by the "customers" and the teams have to accommodate these requests yet maintaining high standard and consistency in their food and service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.  
  • This program simulates the actual environment of restaurant kitchens, which in turn makes for a fun and very good team building and learning opportunity.  
  • Following the activity participants discuss takeways & lessons learnt, and of course enjoy the meal they have prepared.
  • Program Duration: 3 hours / Price: SGD 130 nett per pax.
  • Minumum Participants: 12 / Maximum Participants: 60
  • Please choose one item from each section (Entree, Pasta, Main Course, Dessert) for the whole team. 


  1. Grilled calamari with a zucchini escabeche and mint salad
  2. Pumpkin soup with pan fried bacon wrapped prawns
  3. Salmon, leek and pineapple pie with mesclun salad
  4. Grilled chicken kofta with a tomato, cucumber and yogurt sauce


  1. Spaghetti with salmon, spring onion and a creamy lemon sauce
  2. Spaghetti with a Mediterranean vegetable sauce and Romano cheese
  3. Spaghetti with prawn, eggplant and a Thai basil and lemongrass pesto
  4. Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage

Main Course

  1. Asparagus, prawn and egg stuffed salmon with mustard sauce
  2. Lemon and herb market fish en papillote with spring vegetables
  3. Cheese and mushroom filled chicken thighs with sweet potato mash
  4. Capsicum, olives and tomato chicken stew with roast potatoes


  1. Berry cheesecake tarts
  2. Chocolate mousse cake with raspberry coulis and almond crumbs
  3. Salted caramel, chocolate and banana trifle


Team Building Cooking ProgramsTeam Building Cooking ProgramsTeam Building Cooking ProgramsTeam Building Cooking ProgramsTeam Building Cooking Programs






A number of qualities such as temperance, solidarity, good communication, unity, cooperation, consistency of quality and service, self-motivation, customer focus, creativity, situational leadership, flexibility and adaptability to changes, and more are required to finish this program. In this aspect, it is an ideal way of growing stronger bonds with colleagues. It has not only made its way as a highly enjoyable learning experience but more importantly a strong bonding and fun activity that colleagues can share. Plus, you learn to cook like a real CHEF in a REAL restaurant set-up!


Can't wait to take part in these fun and exciting games and show off your skills? Come and embark on this unique team building adventure.  Your Experience is bond to be an unforgettable one!

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