One Day Cooking Class

Take Up A Private and Customised "One Day Cooking Class"

One day cooking class of local and international cuisine can be fun to attend and learn.

This cooking class can have themes for different days of the week and can become comprehensive workshop tool for many. Themes planned need to cover all the areas of cookery required to be learned.

One Day Cooking Class | Tourists & Food Lovers | Hands-On Cooking ClassStudents who would want to avail these classes might be having different needs, interests, approaches, aims and requirements. Taking all into consideration, such classes could become a success for the school as well as for the students.

People who are ready to spend time and money for such classes should get the best out of it and in return schools providing such facilities can have a sense of accomplishment.

While choosing themes, local trends, requirements and needs should be taken into consideration.

One way to divide seven days into seven themes can include main dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks, BBQ and baking.

People who are interested in learning only one theme can enrol for that only.

Different cookery processes can also be used as guidelines for themes for example food storage, garnishing, cutting, slicing and dicing, making sauces, seasonings, food preservation, meat cuts and techniques and so on. People who are interested in learning these can avail such classes.

Home cooked sauces, preserves, jams, dips and seasonings are better because one can be sure of the fact that they are free from additives, artificial colours, preservatives and off course the quality of ingredients used.

Custom Cooking Class For All – Tourists and Locals

One Day Cooking Class | Tourists & Food Lovers | Hands-On Cooking ClassMany people who work on weekdays, find it easier and practical to make use of these classes.

For them, the essence of taking a class lies in learning more in a short span of time, and they are the ones found most attentive during their classes. They want to make the best use of their time and can found to be choosy or selective of what they want to learn.

For such people, individual need requirement classes are required. They are ready to spend their money and time, but they want it exactly the way they want. This group belongs to the small percentage of people.

We can also have seasonal and occasional classes (including tourist cooking class with wet market tour).

One Day Cooking Class | Tourists & Food Lovers | Hands-On Cooking Class

Seasonal classes should emphasise the usage of seasonal fruits and vegetables and delicious cuisine their combinations can create. Fruits and vegetables are found in abundance in all seasons in Singapore.

Many taste buds tickling recipes can be taught to achieve targets. A variety of juices, smoothies, purees, jams, jellies, pickles and preserves can be made. They can be combined with other foods to create delicious recipes for pasta, pizza, rolls, etc.

Private cooking classes can also be arranged for a day for tourists and those who love to eat outside but want to learn the techniques to cook the same quality food at home. They deserve concession classes for their seniority.

They should be provided individual attention according to personal understanding.

One Day Cooking Class | Tourists & Food Lovers | Hands-On Cooking ClassWith love, respect and care they should be guided so that they become independent to achieve the goals for which they are taking these classes.

They need extra help because of their seniority and would prefer to take up morning classes. There are many other ways to arrange one-day cooking classes and can be planned according to the geographic locations and need of any area.


Contact Cooking Class Singapore for more information on private and custom cooking classes.

Our Chefs will be more than happy to tailor a one day class for your learning needs.



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