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Private Chef Hire Singapore | Host Your Exclusive Dining Event

Fine-dining goodness from our kitchen – to yours!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to eat restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your home?

Surely you must have thought it’s a lovely idea to try – if only you could afford to make it yourself, or afford to have someone make it for you.

Fear not. This time, we give you the service of a lifetime – your own private chefs! the one person to have in times when you just feel self-indulgent about cooking. 

Private Chef Hire

Our Chef-for-hire Service has gone unparalleled in bringing first-rate restaurant service to wherever you want them to be. Flexibility in planning has never been this simple or extensive!

Private Chef Hire Singapore | Host Your Exclusive Dining EventBut first things first, we have to dispel the misconceptions about private chefs. Who exactly are they and what do they do?

Are they really more expensive than your typical catering service? And the most notorious question, are they really just for the rich and famous?

Many a time, prospective clients have broken out in the cold sweat at the mere mention of hiring private chefs for important events. This apprehension may stem from the belief that only the rich and famous can hire personal chefs.

Acceptance of this notion is understandable but it is still false. Anyone can hire a personal chef! And by anyone, we mean anyone who requires the services of a personal chef.

A personal chef is someone who does the cooking for you wherever and whenever you want him/her to do it and gets paid for it. He/She may do the shopping for whatever it is you want him/her to do, prepares it, cooks it, serves it and cleans it all up after you are done.

It is as simple as that. And the best part? You won’t have to wash the dishes afterwards. The chef’s assistant does that for you!

Private Chef Hire Singapore | Host Your Exclusive Dining Event

You still think for all that, it is still expensive? Think again. The whole costs as much as your special trip to a posh fine-dining restaurant. If you got some family thing going on and you all troop to the restaurant with the kids in tow, just imagine the ruckus children make at restaurants.

Children tend to be more comfortable at home. Even if a fascinating cooking stranger comes, they can still maintain proper decorum and stay put.

Personal Chef Service For Your Intimate Dining Event

Private Chef Hire Singapore | Host Your Exclusive Dining EventHiring a private chef is the most advantageous thing to do if it’s your first time to do so.

There are a variety of theme cuisines to choose from and you can also ask the chef to craft a menu based on your diet plans.

Appointments can be done for the chef to be hired not just at home, but in other venues, you may like. We offer arrangements for events both private and corporate in nature, such as family parties, intimate dates, social gatherings, client appreciation dinner for corporations, company luncheons and the like.

Here at Cooking Class Singapore, our chefs bring comfort and class to your dining experience exactly where you want it, whenever you want it, with whoever you want it. So what are you waiting for?

Contact us now to experience first-hand the joy of eating sumptuous food prepared by a skilful chef, without the hassle of cleaning up after.



We offer a wide selection of menus and party ideas for your private cooking party.  

Private Chef HIre Singapore | Host Your Exclusive Dining EventLet our private chef help you arrange the next private or corporate events which includes:

Fill out the enquiry form and our program manager will contact you to provide more details.

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