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Private Chef To Make Your Cooking Party Fun And Fabulous!

Private Chef Events Singapore | Hands On Cooking PartyCooking is part of our everyday routine and becomes very important especially before a party. But why not throw a cooking party for everyone.  Hosting a cooking party with a private chef is a good way to encourage your friends to get together and share your ideas especially if you can’t think of any recipes to make.  

Whatever is the occasion – from anniversaries, birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties to a simple gathering with friends – our private chef will make it a fun and special event for you.  Whether it is in your backyard, kitchen or A cozy kitchen studios, we will make your party unique, engaging and delicious.  It will be a memorable and gastronomic experience for all!  

Probably, you have a lot of recipes in mind if you are a cooking savvy. But you can create a special cooking themed party out of the delicious recipes you have. 

Cooking Theme Party Venue

If you have a large kitchen, then it is perfect to have a cooking party at home.  If you’re going to have a kids cooking or baking party, a wide backyard is good.  Alternatively, we can host the cooking event at our modern and cosy kitchen studio.  Either way, you will need to consider the number of people or the participants in your event. 

If you’re planning a cooking dinner party, you can send invitations with menus inside. As much as possible, keep your dinner party with good ambiance. It is up to you if you can make decorations for the venue. What’s important is the main concept of your party is ready.

This cooking dinner party ideas can make a difference. A must try excellent cooking party ideas that your guests will take pleasure in.

Ethnic Cooking Party

This is one of the most common cooking dinner parties. If you have an Asian, Italian, Chinese or Japanese friend, you can make a delicious delicacies from different cultures. A relaxing decoration can add up in the mood like red and black table cloth, figurines or place mats which are perfect in Japanese, Chinese or even Thai culture.

Mystery Taste Test

This type of dinner party theme can surely challenge the guests especially if they are recipe and wine enthusiast. This is perfect if you have a variety of wine in your cellar. First, they will cleanse their palate with a bread before they taste the wine, but of course they are blindfolded. Alternatively, the other version of it is they need to figure out the secret ingredient in the dish.

Throw Down Culinary Skills

You will enjoy this cooking party theme especially if you’re fond of watching cuisine shows and your passion is cooking. This challenge will entertain every guest. If you need help in preparation, you can make it in a fun way by letting them chop the vegetables and they will compete to see who the fastest chopper is or who can make a creative vegetable carving. Or simply who can flip the saucepan smoothly.

Chill Pepper Chow down

This turn up the heat activity will test your adventurous guests. If you and your friends are spice aficionados, then definitely it will test their delicate tongues. The one who can make it through will win the challenge. Be sure to prepare milk, antacids and bread to scale down the heat.

Cooking party planning can be fun as the party itself.  Gather your friends and family to organize fun-filled, delicious and challenging cooking party using your one of kind recipes. It will be a good entertainment for the guests and will be the best party ever.

Private Chef Events Singapore | Hands On Cooking Party

We offer the best wide selection of menus and party ideas.  Let our private chef help you arrange your next private or corporate events which includes:

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