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Private Class – Cooking & Baking Classes In Singapore For Locals and Tourists

Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesAre you a cooking enthusiast with a passion for travelling and trying new cuisines from different places?

Do you love tasting and mixing up in the kitchen flavours and ingredients you like?

Is experimenting at the kitchen something you do once in a while?

(a) One Day Tourist Cooking Class
(b) Tourist Cooking Class with Wet Market Tour
(c) Private Tour Cooking Class
(d) Private Baking Class with flexible dates (min 4 pax)
(e) Private Cooking Class with flexible dates (min 4 pax)

Cooking is one of the most passionate hobbies one can have.

It is the art of providing your loved ones with the best food that you made from the heart. And as a hobby, we try new things and learn more to our advantage.

Whether you’re an expert cook or just beginning to learn the basics of cooking, everyone is welcome to try cooking and even baking.

Anyone can cook as long as you have the passion to do it. If you love to travel and dine, Singapore has plenty to offer.

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There are hundreds of dishes to try and cook, beginner or expert everyone is treated the same.

Bake the best Asian desserts and cakes with us that would make you the talk of the parties when you get back home.

Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesEthnic Cuisines

Most of the people who travel to Singapore just love the Asian / Singapore dishes and would like to recreate it back home. There is so much to gain in embracing another’s culture, in particular through their food. You learn so much in the way they cook and serve their most famous dishes and even desserts. We offer classes for you to achieve that.


Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesBaking Challenge

Be the first to come home and bake a unique style of Asian local desserts that you have seen or tried while staying in Singapore. Designs and new ideas to make your common baking strategies become extra special. Refine your skills in decorating cakes and other pastries. From cupcakes to huge three-layered cakes, we offer classes to make you the envy of your friends when it comes to baking.


Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesExperience

The key to love cooking and travelling is the experience and memories you’ll be carrying with you that no money can buy. Gain more knowledge in cooking the perfect dish for your loved ones or baking the perfect triple chocolate fudge cake for your kids.

We can offer you more and even better than you can hope to learn on television or a cookbook. 


Hands-On Experience 

Get down and dirty (with flour) as you cook and bake to your heart’s content in the kitchen studio. Bring your boyfriend or husband and make a date out of it. Share your passion with friends and learn cooking while you’re all in Singapore.

Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesThere is a wide selection of cooking and baking you can choose from. Find the best one for you and join in the fun. There are more expert classes that offer those who have undeniably excellent skills in cooking to the highest level.

We also offer games and fun exercises for people who travel to Singapore on business trips to unwind and build a more strengthened and dominant team when they go back home.

Cooking can do well for those who want to break free of stress for a few moments. Try our cooking and baking classes while you’re staying at Singapore.  

Enrol in our hands-on cooking classes and baking classes or let our private chefs arrange one (min 2 pax) for you.

Ingredient Shopping at Singapore Wet Market – for Tourists

Private Cooking Classes Singapore | Cooking Experiences with Loved OnesIf you prefer to take up a private class, our Asian chef will bring you to Tekka Wet Market in Singapore where you shop for the ingredients that you will be using in your Private Cooking Class. 

Our chef also offers consultations and cooking ideas so embark on this amazing adventure with us now at Cooking Class Singapore.


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