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Private Cooking Class Min 4 Pax to commence a 3-hour Class

What better way to spend an afternoon than learning to become a better cook in your very own private cooking class.

Our expert chefs can give you the undivided attention to teaching you something new in cooking.

Any questions you have about cooking no matter how small or different, the private class gives you the time to ask them.

Private Cooking Class for 4 Pax - Cooking Class Singapore

Do you ever get stuck in public classes being respectful of the teacher by not taking up their time with questions; well a private cooking class solves that problem.  Our chefs are there for you and three of your closest friends or family.

Private Cooking Class for 4 - Your Choices of Class

A very important detail about our private cooking classes is they are held when you want.

You set the time for when you would like your private cooking class to be and the class will be taught according to the cuisine/dishes tailored for that particular public class. 

This is great for busy professionals that would like to improve their cooking skills or just plain have a great afternoon learning something and for fun. Just let us know when you and three of you closest friends would like to have your private cooking class and we will be waiting in our kitchen studio for you.

Private Cooking Class for 4 PaxA nice side note is that the price of our private cooking classes is the same as the public. Many times you have to pay more for custom classes that always teach you more and enable you more time with the expert.

The more time you have to perfect your skills with the chef, the better off you will be and you will have more confidence in your cooking abilities. This always helps when you are trying to impress someone you love. The same price for a private baking class can also be a gift voucher you can extend to your friends or loved ones.

Cooking is our passion and we love to share our passion with others. There is always something to learn in cooking, and a private cooking class is so much fun and helps you get up close and personal with your cooking fears and mistakes. We are here to help you and it is all in good fun.

An afternoon spent cooking with us will stay in your memory, and you can come back for another private class and keep learning. There is always something to learn in cooking, and we are here to help you.

Food choice, food preparation, cooking times, and flavors are just some of the fantastic information you are going to learn in your private cooking class.

Private Cooking Class for 4 - Your Choices of TimeThe proper utensils will also be a subject explored. You can take notes or you can just listen and learn and enjoy every minute.

Food is about fun and being delicious. You want to always head to the kitchen with a great idea and be able to execute the idea to the table.

This way whoever’s eating your meal will fall more in love with you than they already are.

We love to share our expert cooking knowledge with anyone who would love to learn more about cooking.

Our private cooking classes are just the place for you adventurous souls that dare say I want to cook better and explore more. We can help you.

So go ahead and find three of your closest fellow adventurers and come enjoy an afternoon in our private cooking class.

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