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Private Tour Group Cooking Class - Cooking Class Singapore - Copy"Private Cooking Classes For An Authentic Experience"

When it comes to what motivates you to travel, many individuals will state that their biggest motivation is their desire to experience another culture. 

The problem with this is that so much of the culture you experience as a traveller is only what can be gleaned from the surface. 

You can walk through the open air market and purchase a few items, but you do not get the experience of shopping there every day, getting to know the vendors, and then going home and preparing a meal with the fresh ingredients.

However, not everyone who wants to experience other cultures can pack up and move to a new country to do so.  

This doesn’t mean that these people are simply out of luck, destined only to scratch the surface of life in the countries they visit.  It does, however, mean things need to get a little more creative. 

And that is where you come in.  As  a travel agency or tour guide, it is your responsibility to give your clients what they want.  

And if what they want is an authentic experience with the culture, you have to deliver it to them.  That means thinking about the local life, how people live their lives.  And what is a more integral element to life than cooking?

The process of preparing a meal starts with the shopping — making it the perfect excuse to take your clients on a tour of the city and visit the always popular open air markets. 

Private Tour Group Cooking Class - City Tour Cooking EventBefore you get to the market, you can take in some of the sights.  Then, once there, they can experience the atmosphere, get in their photos, and discover things that are completely new to them.  Picking up some of the needed ingredients as you go, you can finish by heading to a kitchen studio.

Once there, a professional chef will walk your clients through the process of preparing an authentic meal — from appetiser to dessert, from start to finish.  

The best recipes to pick are those with are commonly eaten, fairly simple to make, and utilise ingredients that your clients can either find back home or easily substitute for something similar. 

Unlike the typical trinkets purchased while on vacation, this is something that your clients can reuse over and over again. 

Instead of a key chain or a t-shirt, they can go home and prepare an authentic meal for their loved ones, bringing a bit of the culture home and into the lives of others.

Private Tour Group Cooking Class - Experience Singapore CultureIf you are looking to book private cooking classes for your clients to give them the authentic experience they crave, contact us today! 

Because at Cooking Class Singapore, we have connections with kitchen studios throughout the country and can help you find the one that is a perfect match for your guests. 

Let us know what dishes your clients are interested in or let us help you determine the ideal meal for your customers to make.  

Either way, you will be able to offer the experience of a lifetime by getting organising a special private tour group cooking class to experience the culture of Singapore!

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