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Hen's Party In A Cozy Kitchen

What’s a must-know for every bride to be? Bachelorette Party – have fun cooking! Just say no to topless men, handcuffs and pub dance.

"Stir the pot before tying the knot!"    

Hen's Party Singapore | Bachelorette Party Cooking Class | Memorable NightThe chances are that at some point in your life, you’ll be asked to stand up as Maid of Honor at your best friend or sister’s wedding.

More complicated deeds involved in being the Maid of Honor are planning a Bachelorette Party (also known as Hen's Party). 

These parties are known to get a little wild but instead of going bar-hopping in downtown, why not give your sister or friend a cooking party in a kitchen studio?

It’s a hassle free, no doormen, no teeny boppers and no sweating!

Socializing is at the centre of the event. The best part is the one that the bride-to-be will appreciate. You will have a genuinely enjoyable time if the games are planned with care and attention.

Do consider some props like purchasing her a personalised apron with “bride-to-be” embroidery so everyone will recognise that it is her special night.

Little accessories like this can be worn for a few fun photos.


What to expect in a Cooking Themed Bachelorette Party?

Have fun in a modern equipped kitchen studio

All menus available include a starter, main dish, sidings and dessert

Learn cooking tips and techniques from our professional chef

Wine and beverages tasting

Enjoy your meal in a comfortable dining area

Laughter and memorable evening

Aside from helping the bride-to-be in getting ready to set up her future kitchen, the benefit of this activity is maximising.

We want to ensure that the guests of the bride are going to get something valuable from this cooking themed party like learning to cook new dishes. 

The best part about learning new recipes is you can take them home and introduce them to your friends and family.

They will be impressed with your new found skill!

You will probably be acquainted with your kitchen. Having this kind of activity will help to make you familiar with your kitchen and all the tools and equipment.

Cooking party is a great way for the bridesmaids and friends of the bride-to-be from different circles to get to know each other. You can have Bachelorette Party that doesn't require everybody to be wild.

We can assist you to make this evening happen. We won’t let you down for we are organising the event with reliable cooking schools in Singapore. We can surely give you a fabulous celebration.

Want to throw a Cooking Themed Bachelorette Party for the bride? 

Cooking Class Singapore can provide a recommendation of Cooking and Baking Schools who can organise this fun and exciting Bachelorette Party for you.

Simply send us an enquiry now!

~ Make your Hen's Party An Unique & Memorable Experience ~ 

Hen's Party Singapore | Bachelorette Party Cooking Class | Memorable Night


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