Singapore Heritage Cuisine Cooking Class

From the spicy flavors of curry and chili paste to the array of vegetables and meats used in Singapore heritage cuisine, there is sure something you will love to cook in our Signature Singapore Heritage Cooking Class.

Singapore Heritage Cuisine Cooking Class | Learn to Cook Local DishesSoy sauce, rice wine, fish sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, lime, noodles, rice, coconut milk and chili sauce are some of the essential ingredients to learn about using in Singapore heritage cuisine recipes in this hands-on classes.

These ingredients and so much more give Singapore heritage food the authentic flavor.

Some of the recipes you can enjoy learning could be curry chicken, laksa, chicken rice, satay, Chwee Kuih, Fried Hokkien mee and fried carrot cake.

These specialties are excellent when you can make them fresh from your kitchen after joining us and learning so much in one of our hands-on cooking classes.

You will find expert chefs in our spacious learning kitchens waiting to help you learn the best of Singapore heritage cuisine.

Join us for an afternoon class and learn the simple secrets of many Singapore heritage cuisine.

These are the favourites local delights for many Singaporeans and tourists.

Be with other fabulous foodies and learn together in our classes. You will meet people from different countries and learn to cook food from even more countries, it’s an international affair.

You can have an afternoon of exotic and exciting learning. Come learn something new in our state of the art kitchen studio.

We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Satay isSingapore Heritage Cuisine Cooking Class | Learn to Cook Local Dishes another possible dish you might learn in our classrooms. The world famous Satay is the delicious marinated chicken on skewers, cooked to perfection.

Our expert chefs will share with you the simple secrets to preparing and cooking this tasty treat.

From the cut of the chicken to the delicious seasoning, you will be in the know when it comes to satay.

Our students come away from our cooking classes having added to their knowledge of culinary experience and have new recipes to impress their friends and families; you can add Stay to yours.

Singapore heritage cuisine is full of flavor, zest, international combinations, and so much more.

Singapore Heritage Cuisine Cooking Class | Learn to Cook Local DishesWe would love for you to join one of our Cooking Classes and learn some excellent Singapore heritage recipes you can take home with you.

Every night is a new night to come up with a new recipe for dinner, so why not try Singapore heritage and make your dinner decision easy.

The recipes are easy and our staff is here for you every step of the way.

To learn to cook these delectable cuisines, join us in the Singapore Heritage Cooking Class.       

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