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Wide Selection of SkillsFuture Credit Approved Cooking Classes

Our SkillsFuture Cooking Class is one that will help prepare you for either excellent cooking habits in your home, or the class can help if you are interested in a future in the cooking industry.

The skills you will learn in our cooking class will reward you with learning that is useful and healthy.

SkillsFuture Cooking Class Singapore | Use SkillsFuture CreditsOur professional chefs will guide you throughout your class in making your way around the kitchen. Learning to cook can help you have healthy habits in the kitchen and for the rest of your life.

Come join us in our SkillsFuture Courses, and this can be the start of a long line of cooking classes that you will want to learn from us.

Learning good kitchen habits is something everyone should know. There are many ways for unhealthy situations to arise from not keeping kitchen utensils clean as well as not keeping counter tops and cutting boards clean.

Our expert chefs will help you learn what you need to know as far as keeping a clean and neat kitchen that would pass a professional chefs inspection.

Simple foods like chicken stock and how to cut vegetables properly are also essential things to know when cooking.

Our SkillsFuture Cooking Class can help you learn these basics and much more.

Come spend a day with us and be around others that love to learn about cooking. We all help each other in our classes.

SkillsFuture Cooking Class Singapore | Use SkillsFuture CreditsThankfully the government’s initiative will help you subsidise for this wonderful class that will enhance your wellbeing. Knowing how to cook can help make a better life.

Take advantage of this opportunity to further your cooking skills.

Your friends and family will be impressed when you can cook a professional meal. You will be able to put this on your resumes as well and impress employers.

If you are wanting a job in the culinary industry this is a perfect place to start. Experience is what gets you hired. This class can help.

Our professional chefs are here to answer any questions you have. Wet your appetite in the culinary world by attending our SkillsFuture Courses.

Temperature and time are very important in many recipes, and these are some of the things you will learn in our class.

SkillsFuture Cooking Class Singapore | Use SkillsFuture CreditsThe importance of several details in cooking can make a difference between a recipe coming out good or bad. Our professional chefs will guide you through this information.

We want to help you gain the skills for a healthy future life for you and your family. Along with the SkillsFuture Initiative, we are offering a wide variety of cooking class in Singapore. It has been specially designed for the newcomer to cooking.

We want you to be comfortable in the kitchen studio and start gaining more and more experience for excellent culinary skills.

Once you have attended this class we have so many wonderful classes for you to gain even more skills in the wonderful world of cooking.

Send us an enquiry for latest class schedules, and we hope to see you in our next SkillsFuture Cooking Class.  

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