Steamed Food Cooking Class

Steamed Food Cooking Class is one of Singapore new tasty learning experiences.

In the world of fast track, you need delicious, nutritious and healthy meals that are easy to throw together.

Maybe friends or family called unexpectedly and are coming for dinner, our Hands-on Steamed Food Cooking Class will help you be prepared.

With recipes like Steamed Chicken Fillet, Steamed Fish and Steamed Bun, you will find more than one recipe in our Hands-on Cooking Class that you love and will make time and again.

Whoever thought of putting cream, vodka, and crab together knew how to create flavor.

Our expert chefs will show you the spices that go into these steamed dish and help you with the proper temperatures and amount of ingredients to put in the recipe.

A delicious summer meal, this healthy recipe will delight your palate and fill your stomach.

1. Steamed Chicken Fillet

Steamed Food Cooking Class Singapore | Simple, Easy to Learn Hands-On ClassLearn a delicious steamed chicken fillet recipe.

Steamed chicken fillet is another one of the excellent dishes that you can learn in our classes with other food enthusiasts.

Spend an afternoon or weekend with other people who put food at the top of their priority list.

With holistic food and vegetables being very popular today, the Steamed Chicken Fillet is another excellent recipe to learn.

You will find out what great dressing to add to this delicious and healthy meal.

Our chefs are here to help you out and answer any questions you have.

Learning to make an excellent steamed chicken fillet is perfect for a sumptuous meal anytime.

2. Steamed Fish

Steamed fish is a great tasty treat you can learn to make.

Fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and are important for body and brain.

In our steamed Food Cooking Class this recipe is a real winner.

You will learn the special way to make these yummy steamed fish dishes that are so easy to learn and prepare for your family.

Your friends and family are sure to love this one.

3. Steamed Bun

Steamed Food Cooking Class Singapore | Simple, Easy to Learn Hands-On ClassOur Xiao Long Bao Cooking Class is a special treat you can learn to make so you have an amazing dish in your food knowledge bank.

If you have ever had people stop by unexpected or friends come into town, and you’ve had to make something quick, then this class is for you.

These foods are foodie-approved and nutritious and easy to learn.

Our Steamed Food Cooking Class is full of excellent recipes for you to learn to take back to your kitchen studio.

You can modify and change these recipes to suit your needs or enjoy them just as they are.

You can be a tourist enjoying the city or a local who wants to expand their culinary expertise, whatever your reason for coming to hands-on class, we have a spot for you.

Come join us in our Hands-On Cooking Class and Baking Class.

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