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Bring Out The Best In Your Team Through Team Building Cooking Activities! 

Interestingly, more companies are calling out on professional chefs, who are experienced in conducting team building activities, to help them whip up an event that everyone in the office, from the administrative staffs to the top management executives, are going to love.

In fact, cooking team building activities have become a fun, entertaining, enriching and innovative event which is gaining popularity in Singapore amongst MNCs, SME's and government organisations. 

  • Team Building Activities in Kitchen
    Team Building Activities in Kitchen in Singapore

Cooking and Baking competitions are one of the top 3 corporate team building events in Singapore.

We have served many clienteles including American Express, AIA, AXA, Bank of China, Credit Suisse, GIC, OCBC, Goldman Sachs, Irish Chamber of Commerce, Moody’s, Standard Chartered, Swiss Reinsurance, Tokio Marine Life, UOB, UBS, Visa, Energizer, General Electric, Robert Bosch, Seng Choon Engineering, Siemens, Audi, Audemars Piguet, Cotton On, Desigual, IKEA, Jaguar, LVMH, Philip Morris, Papermarket, P&G, Philips, Volvo, EMC, Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, HP, SAP, VMware, Veritas, Insead, NUSS, NUHS, Raffles Student Care, SIM, SMU, DHL, Maersk, M1, Singtel, Starhub, Cargill, Pernod Ricard, Unilever, Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group and many more.

What are the types of Team Building Cooking Activities?

Some of the Team Building Packages, to name a few include The Restaurant Simulation, Bake for a Cause, The Candy or Food Tower Challenge, Pizza from Around the World, Cake Story; The Cooking or Baking Challenge; The Great Pizza Challenge Program; The Kitchen Challenge; Cooking Master Chef Challenge; Iron Chef and more. 

Team Building Cooking Singapore | Corporate Team Building ActivitiesClick on the below links to find out more on the different types of team building activities.

  1. Bake & Enjoy and the Giant Cookie Challenge
  2. Bake & Enjoy and the Candy Tower Challenge
  3. Chocolate Fondue Making Workshop
  4. Chocolate Making Workshop
  5. Christmas Cooking Party
  6. Cook & Dine and the Food Tower Challenge
  7. Corporate Baking Class
  8. Corporate Cooking Class
  9. Corporate Cooking Workshop
  10. Corporate Baking Class
  11. Corporate Wellness Program
  12. Fun Team Building Activities
  13. Lunchtime Lift
  14. Management Team Building Activities
  15. Pizza From Around The World
  16. Restaurant Stimulation
  17. The Cake Story
  18. The Master Chef Challenge
  19. The Mystery Box
  20. The Tasting Menu Challenge (for smaller team less than eight pax)
  21. Year End Team Building Activities

What do these Team Building Activities consist of?

The team building methodology employs action-learning to provide fun and challenging cooking or baking activities for impactful and experiential learning.

The group will be asked to cook a few dishes or bake cakes and cupcakes and then design the dishes or decorate the cakes and cupcakes as their challenge.

At the end of the cooking or baking, the group will be asked to give a creative presentation of the finished products.

After the session, participants will dine on what they have cooked or baked.  

What to expect in Team Building Activities that involve Cooking?

Thankfully, as more professional chefs become aware of this trend, they have come up with a variety of team building games or packages that you can choose from.

That saves you from a lot of headaches associated with planning. The bundle includes the menu, ingredients, and even party favours. 

You also have the option to select a theme, which makes these team building cooking classes a memorable learning experience. 

Nevertheless, due to increasing demand, you cannot immediately expect your favourite chef to be available at your preferred time.

Hence, always plan this out at least one month ahead though some chefs can accommodate your request with 2-3 weeks lead time depending on your group size, business requirements and the availability of the kitchen studio.

How much does it cost?

On average, the corporate cooking class can range from SGD 120 to SGD 150 per pax depending on the following factors:

1. Type of Team Building Activities – Quality, control and effectiveness of the program and activities to meet the team building objectives.

2. Cooking Studio & Kitchen Facilities – Layout and spaciousness of the kitchen studio; types & quality of cooking equipment & utensil provided; ambience and learning environment.

3. Location – Venue of the cooking school for travel convenience.

4. Chef's Experience – Professional training experience and area of speciality of the chef in conducting team building cooking activities and programs.

5. No. of Chefs/Facilitators – Number of professional chefs and facilitators provided to conduct and facilitate the event.

6. Specific Requirements – Flexibility of the cooking school and professional chefs to meet the business objectives and requirements you have.

How many people can join in the fun?

The team building cooking event depends on two things – the number of employees you have and the people the professional chefs can accommodate.

Typically, though, some professional chefs can handle medium to moderately large-sized companies. 

The minimum is 8-10, and the maximum can be up to 60 for a team learning to be impactful and effectiveIn Singapore, most baking and cooking schools can take up to 25-30 participants. 

There are also a couple of schools which have large kitchen studios which can cater up to 60 – 100 pax.

Schools that do not have large kitchen studio offer corporate team building events for larger groups to be held at convention halls, hotels, country clubs, outdoor venues with additional venue booking fee or at the client's venue.

We also work with cooking schools and chefs who are flexible to cater to your specific requirements to meet your business challenges.

As for the food to be prepared, it depends on the theme, as well as other specific requests you have. It is possible you have a good number of employees who are either vegetarian or vegan.

Some of the chefs can create around 2 to 3 full meals for you while others have one. They simply make up for the lack of diversity through other fun cooking or baking team building activities.

When there are plenty of participants around, you cannot expect everyone to be REALLY cooking and using the utensils and producing the dishes from scratch.

In fact, it is customary to a number of chefs to have demos instead, and the audience are handed out with recipes they can personally try at home.

There are also others who group the participants so they can share the ingredients and cooking chores.

The latter is more ideal since it definitely fosters the essence of team building.

Is it probable to have the team building cooking event at our office?

Some cooking schools and chefs have their mobile kitchen. This way, you would not have to worry about where to conduct the team building event.

However, if there are many participants or if you want to provide a more relaxing, casual atmosphere, you can have it in other venues such as a garden or a full-fledged restaurant which is usually owned by the chef himself or herself.

The entire team building event can last for a few hours to a whole day especially if it’s held on the weekend.

The actual cooking class is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the preparation and other team building activities the chef has in mind.

Most of the time, the group will spend their time on socialising or building better working and personal relationships among employees. You can also invite family members to the party to create a more festive or intimate ambience. 

Team building activities like cooking classes are some of the most profound fun ways to build better personal and working relationships.

They invite a more relaxing and casual atmosphere, so everyone is more open to talking and share among themselves.

Various activities such as group cooking or recipe creation challenge can be introduced to improve team building. 

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