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Organize A Cooking Event Filled With Fun Team Building Activities 

Fun Team Building ActivitiesAre you looking for fun team building activities and a unique way to develop a team identity and a cooperative atmosphere amongst your employees? 

Chances are most of your employees have already done the typical team building exercises that every job implements in the hopes of fostering a cooperative spirit in the workplace. 

If you decided pull one of them out of the old bag of tricks, they would likely groan and wonder if they could go home sick.  The result is pretty much the opposite of what you actually want. Instead of giving them what they have already had, try a team building exercise that is as innovative and unique as the workplace you want to develop. 

Schedule a corporate cooking class that consist of many fun team building activities and and let them bond as they cook.  Not only is it unique and enjoyable, but you will get the chance to observe qualities in your employees on an individual basis that can help inform your decisions at work. 

How Can Corporate Cooking Events Bond And Energize Employees?

Cooperation and Communication

In order to successfully complete a cooking challenge, team members must cooperate and communicate effectively. 

Each person needs to be able to ask for help when needed, explain what they are doing, and identify how long a task will take. 

Since each element of a meal depends on the other elements, team members must cooperate to determine how the elements will complement each other and work together closely to assemble their perfect dish. 

Team Leader Identification

Fun Team Building Activities

If you have been wondering who amongst your employees is a natural born leader, observing them in the kitchen will let you know. The “man with a plan” will always step forward to organize the task and help others find their roles.

You will also get to see who desires too much control—the individuals who will try to take over each task and cannot step back to let others try. 

It will furthermore show you who can remain cool under pressure; when there are many cooks in the kitchen, things can get a bit chaotic and you will see who amongst your employees can truly handle the heat.

Delegation of Tasks/Developing a Plan

In order to successfully complete the task, each element will need to be delegated to a person or persons.  Someone will need to make the sauce, another will need to cook the meat, another to create the side, and so on.  They will need to create a clear plan to be successful. 

Different items have different cooking times, so they must anticipate when to begin each item so that every element of the dish is cooked to perfection and fresh for plating. 

Thinking Outside the Box

Fun Team Building Activities

You must think on your feet when cooking.  Sometimes things go wrong or you do not have an ingredient and you must improvise. 

When it comes to plating your food, you want it to be appealing and interesting.  When making a well-known recipe, you need to put your own unique spin on it. 

Appeals to Scientific and Creative Thinkers

In the kitchen, you get to combine science and art.  Cooking is an exercise in chemistry; you bring different items together and see how the blend with each other or change each other.  As you apply heat, the elements change and become something different and new. 

It is also an artistic exercise—one where you consider each of the senses to create something aromatic, beautiful, texturally interesting, and delicious. 

Develops Skills Used Outside of Work

If you really want employees to be invested in a team building exercise, you need to make it something that is meaningful and has real world applications

Everyone has to eat and we all love a good meal.  Not only will your employees have bonded with each other, they will be able to go home and impress their family with an amazing new meal. 

Fun With Results You Can Sink your Teeth Into

But before they go home and cook their new recipe for their family, they will get to sit down and share the meal with each other.  There isn’t a culture on this planet that doesn’t bond over a good meal and it will certainly bring your employees closer together.


Take advantage of a fun cooking class event and let your employees experience a fun and memorable team bonding! 

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