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Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop

Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop - Effective Team BuildingTeam Building in Singapore is not always about a group of people doing fun outdoor activity. Lately, an indoor team building has become a trend, where the fun and excitement is equally or even more than the usual corporate soiree outside.

There goes this innovative way of making your staff experience an excellent getaway from the day to day office chores or field works. This is the Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop. Everything they need to know about this sweet heavenly addiction is covered during this session.

Depending on the number of employees you have, you can divide them randomly into different groups. The team will be assigned into small groups so they do not choose their own group mates as they will likely teem with the same people they are always with when they are at work. 

What Activities Are Done During The Workshop?

Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop - ChocalatierThe fun starts when a chocolatier gives your staff a head's up about the basics of chocolate making, providing them ideas of what to expect encouraging everyone why they should be in love with chocolates and similar other stuff. This is also when ingredients, which can be as exotic as necessary, are introduced. 

The staff will be briefed as to what to do and what not to do when making the product. They are as well introduced to the variety of chocolates and you can see the thrill seeps in even before the competition begins. While they are playing around with the molten chocolate concoction, this is where each group participant starts to cope and keep up with the on goings in both the personal and professional lives of their colleagues.

A few ice breakers like messing up with the other group or chocolate decorating relay can be an assorted addition to your team building itinerary. Every staff you have will never forget the experience especially those who never ever had plans of making chocolates or those who never had any idea at all about how chocolates are made. The surprises never stop while the chocolate making activity is in progress. There is always a lot to do.

And what your employees gain out of the workshop?

Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop - Cook Up

To cap the activity, all of the chocolate creations your staff has wonderfully made, regardless of the shape and figure the results have turned into, become their souvenirs to take away and bring with them when they go home.

This is trusted and proven to be a blast among parents as they are looking forward into showing off their handmade masterpiece to the family members. 

You will not just give your team a break but you will also hone their talents in chocolate making, plus you can awaken their innate skills in producing fine chocolate products.

And as the employer, what do you get in return after the workshop?

Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop - Chocolate Inspired EventThis is your chance to have everyone get involved and be at par with each other. It will be the best time for them to cope up with the people they barely converse with in your office as they get to mingle with everybody. You will have dedicated employees all willing to make your business a success. 

You will be surprised when you come back to work the next business day and you see the happiness and the good vibe oozing all over your office as you’re relieved and refreshed staff resumes their job. 

The surprises never stop. You and your employee both get the best of both worlds with this fun team building activity.

So start your way off and make your team a success.


For further details on the Chocolate Making Workshop or other Team Building Programs, send us an enquiry now!

Corporate Chocolate Making Workshop - Chocolate Inspired Team Event



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