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Corporate Wellness Program and Team Building

Corporate Wellness Program - Move, Eat, BeThere has been a huge push towards wellness programs in the last few years.  Governments are allocating funds towards promoting healthy living through public relations campaigns.  Schools are restructuring their curriculum and menus to focus on healthy living and eating.  And businesses are looking into programs which encourage healthy lifestyles amongst their employees.

It is quite common now for corporations to offer special benefits to their employees for making healthy lifestyle changes. In the United States, for example, some companies partner with FitBit to provide insurance discounts to workers who take a certain amount of steps each day.  Others offer prizes for those who are the most active or who lower their weight to a healthy range. Closer to home, wide-ranging workplace health programs are catered by SingHealth to many companies in Singapore, promoting good health and staying fit.

While these programs tend to be successful at first, interest in them tends to wane after a while.  There are a few reasons for this. 

Corporate Wellness Program - Team Building Cooking Event!

First of all, when the program is centered on the individual and not focused on a team identity, it is easier for employees to decide to stop. 

Second, motivating people with external rewards skirts building internal motivation. 

Finally, many people lack the skills and knowledge to adhere to a healthier lifestyle.

To create a wellness program with the power to last, you need to make it a part of the team identity, help your employees discover their own motivation, and give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

Team Identity

As humans, we tend to be more motivated by activities that include others.  We are social by nature.  As a result, we find it quite easy to walk away from things that just involve us.  Even when the prize or outcome is desirable, we are comfortable with disappointing ourselves. 

We are much less comfortable with letting others down.  In a team atmosphere, we are motivated by the actions and concerns of others, not to mention the support team members can offer when inspiration is running low. 

To help foster this aspect, consider creating teams within the wellness program and allowing them to complete.  Even if the competition aspect is removed, creating teams still provides employees with a motivational base. 

Corporate Wellness Program - Healthy DietInternal Motivation

This is the most difficult aspect of creating a successful corporate wellness program.  The truth is that employees must develop their own internal motivation.  This is not something that you can do for them.  However, something that can help them along this path is education regarding the benefits a healthier lifestyle can afford them.

Skills and Knowledge

Well, chances are your employees are well aware of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.  All that may be standing in their way is having the skills and knowledge to get themselves out of a rut.  To assist them with this, schedule cooking classes with a local kitchen studio.  Expert chefs can help your workforce learn simple, affordable, healthy recipes that they might not be aware of.  They can also develop cooking skills that will allow them to be less reliant on fast and unhealthy food option.

To help create a healthier, happier workforce, contact us today about finding a kitchen studio and professional chefs to help develop your corporate wellness program or Lunchtime Lifts events.

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