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Learn to cook authentic local cuisines in Singapore

The Undeniable Taste and Answers for Every Tourists

Tourist Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-On Class | Wet Market TourDo you love to cook different cuisines? Do you want to learn more about food preparations and designs base on Asian dishes?

Do you wish to enrol at one of the most prestigious cooking class in Singapore?

Well, worry no more because there is one type of cooking class that fits all the lessons and categories you want to learn.

At our themed-cooking sessions in Singapore, you can choose whatever cuisines and culture you want to develop, such as Korean foods, Singaporean menus and even baking recipes based on Japanese or Chinese tastes.


Who would say that cooking is not a good habit to develop?

Tourist Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-On Class | Wet Market TourWho would say that cooking is not a way to a man’s heart? Who would say that you are not capable of learning cooking skills for few months?

Cooking is an excellent habit of doing, most especially when you are a kitchen person who loves to prepare various menus for family gatherings. It is also a must that you know how to cook for your family and kids during meal times.

Cooking foods with unique taste are considered as one of the ways to show your affection and love for one person, so it is a big chance for you to try at least one class to express how deep your love for someone else is.

If you are visiting Singapore, you should not miss out the opportunity to take up a local cultural cooking class to learn new recipes of making some delicious good Singapore or Chinese food and impress your family?


Why should we enrol in a Hands-on cooking class in Singapore?

Tourist Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-On Class | Wet Market TourWhen you are planning to visit the country of Singapore for vacation, then take this opportunity to try cooking class in this place.

It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with essential cuisines, or you have little ideas about food preparations because the best chefs in this country are willing to develop your knowledge and skills with cooking subjects.

They are both skilful in teaching food dishes preparation, proper ingredients to add, necessary to complicated recipes on your chosen cuisine (Singaporean food types) and even guides on how to cook meals appropriately and efficiently.


What do we expect in our Hands-on cooking class?

Tourist Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-On Class | Wet Market TourIn comparison to regular academic class, you are required to make the course fees payment to enrol into a cooking class in Singapore. This allows you to secure your booking.

Culinary schools are going to charge students based on chosen cuisines, duration in one session (a half day or full day class can be arranged), materials, equipment and location of the kitchen studio to be used for cooking or baking and professional fees for your chef.

You can also hire a personal chef to teach and monitor your skills. This is a good start for enrollees who don’t have basic grasps on basic cooking ideas, but students who want to take a class will have various instructors on each subject they want to learn.


Tourist Cooking Class Singapore | Hands-On Class | Wet Market Tour

How do we Enrol?

Essentially, you are going to enrol via sending us an enquiry setting. You may browse our website at Cooking Class Singapore for more information and details on authentic Chinese or local cooking class in Singapore.

You may expect for a lecture and hands-on to develop their cooking skills in the kitchen. You may also take exams or short quizzes to test their knowledge after any cooking class.


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