Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Cooking Class Date

Valentine's Day Cooking Class Singapore | Cooking Date in KitchenWhat better way to say “I love you” than cooking with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

You and your loved one can join us for a special Valentine’s Day Cooking Class.

We will teach you to find your way around the kitchen quickly, and the two of you will end up with a delicious meal to share together.

Best of all, the two of you will learn cooking tips you can use at home to make more delicious meals.

In our state of the art kitchens, you will prepare different delicious meals.

Different meals such as pork secreto and white wine clams are options for cooking on Valentine’s Day.

Of course dessert, one of the most important parts of Valentine’s Day could be a delicate dish such as Sable Breton with Lemon curd. We will help teach you the secrets of these delicious meals, as well as help you plate each dish with finesse and elegance.      

Our expert’s chefs have taught many of our students how to cook an excellent dish and an excellent dessert.

Our chefs are here to answer your questions. The Valentine’s Day Cooking Class is an intimate experience and will allow you to ask your burning cooking questions.

Let good cooking be a mystery no more with our chefs here to help you. 

The class is fun and informative. Such details like temperature and how long a dish is supposed to be is what you learn in our class.

We will also help you know proper pan sizes and appropriate kinds of pots or pans for your particular dish.

Kitchen utensils make cooking easy or difficult. We will show you which utensils to use so that your cooking experience is comfortable.

Valentine's Day Cooking Class Singapore | Cooking Date in KitchenWhen the hard part of cooking is eliminated then, you can enjoy what many people love when it comes to cooking.

Let us help you enjoy the kitchen studio and cooking.

Our Valentine’s Day Cooking Class is an opportunity for you to learn skills the two of you can use for many years to come.

Reading recipes and buying products for your kitchen will become easier after taking this course. Most of all you two will be together, learning something together.

There is no better way to strengthen a bond between two people then working on a project together.

Cooking is something pretty easy to learn, and you and your sweetheart can help each other become better cooks.

Your meals in the future will improve as both of you are more informed with basic knowledge of the kitchen and all it has to offer.

If you have been looking for a special way to you and your sweetheart to spend Valentine’s Day, then you have found it.

Spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening with us and learn something new together. Join us for our Valentine’s Day Cooking Class and give the gift of love.

There is no better way to make someone smile then through their stomach.

So sign up now as the classes will fill quickly for one-day event.

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