What Makes Thai Food Special

What's So Special About Thai Food / Cuisine?

Thai Food Shrimp DishThe Special Facts About Thai Food

Thailand places a huge importance on food and eating, as a common greeting in Thai is "Gin Khao Yung" which translates to "Have you eaten yet?". It is because of this emphasis on the meal that has allowed for a tradition of outstanding culinary flair and passion for Thai food.


Thai food is so popular that you can usually find a place which serves Tom Yum Goong or pad Thai in almost any country.

In Thailand it is considered bad luck to eat alone and it is because of this, it is common for Thai people who are dining out with friends to order just as many different dishes as there are people at the table. This doesn't mean that you only eat what you chose, the Thai tradition is that everyone shares each dish at the table.

Thai Food Spicy DishesThe Five Main Ingredients of Thai Food Preparation

A so called 'complete' Thai meal needs to include five different and distinct flavors;

  • Spicy
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • Sweet

While dining at a Thai restaurant, if you notice that your meals don’t cover the main five flavors, you should go elsewhere next time as you are probably not eating proper Thai food.

Thailand's unique taste comes from a number of different elements, the main one being its location. Thailand was in the middle of the east / west maritime trading routes so that’s why there are Arabian and Persian influences present in Thai cuisine.

Diversity And History

Apart from the obvious chemise influence, foreign trade was also responsible for how Thai food evolved. During the seventeenth century, the Portuguese presented sweets to King Narai. Curry was brought into Thailand by Buddhist monks from India.

At the turn of the eighteenth century, Muslim cuisine and Indian curry were brought to a feast to honor King Rama. You can still find Yellow Curry and Masaman Curry today.

Four Main Styles In Thai Cuisine

Thailand is a very large country with different terrains which has had some influence into the differences in cuisine types across the country. There are 4 different cooking styles in Thailand.

Thai CookingNorthern

The cooking in north Thailand is a little milder than other regions. Small balls of sticky rice are usually on the menu.


The meals in the central region are a lot more elaborate because this region was influenced by the royal family. They preferred jasmine rice for its fragrance as opposed to sticky rice. The meals are more of an art form and are often complex and beautiful.


Near the Laos border, the food is heavily spiced and the rice is very sticky. Traditionally the meat used in these dishes were fish and shrimp as other meats were scarce.


Most of us are familiar with food from the southern region of Thailand because it is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Dishes rely on coconut milk for frying and there is a heavy use of seafood in almost all dishes. Coconut flesh and cashews are used a lot in appetizers due to the plantations in the south.

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What Makes Thai Food Special
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