Specialise in Corporate Team Building and Private Party Events

By popular demand, we have teamed up with private chefs and cooking schools for corporate events and private cooking themed parties. We are delighted to bring you a variety of events involving cooking challenges for your Corporate Team BuildingHen's PartyPrivate Themed PartiesKitchen Studio Rental, Kids' Birthday Parties and Wedding Anniversary Party.

We also bring you Hands-On Cooking Classes & Hands-On Baking Classes to learn to prepare unique recipes while cooking and mingling with others. Enjoy a fun and delicious gourmet meal and social affair with us!

Specialise in Corporate Team Building and Private Party Events

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Cookery Holiday - Learn to Cook Delectable Asian Cuisines in Singapore

Tekka Wet Market Ingredient Shopping

Our Chef will meet you at
Tekka Wet Market to purchase the ingredients that you will use in the private cooking class specially designed for Tourists

Come and embark on an Asian culinary experience with us. It will be a memorable and fun event.

Private Class For Locals are also available!

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Hands-on SkillsFuture Cooking and Baking Classes are available.

SkillsFuture Cooking and Baking Classes

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Hands-on Cooking and Baking Classes For Domestic Helpers

Domestic Helper & Italian Desserts Cooking Series

Hands-on cooking class for domestic helpers (3 hours) focuses on teaching domestic helpers to plan and cook great family meals. They will learn how to whip up delicious home cooked meals for your family using ingredients ranging from Cod Fish, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Beef, Salads, Eggs, Cheese, Pumpkin, Spaghetti and also learn how to bake pies and cakes. 

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Team Building Cooking - Have Fun with Colleagues

Team building Cooking Classes are collaborating and fun that will create measurable results instantly by:

  • Allowing employees opportunities to develop project management and resource planning skills
  • Encouraging artistic and innovative thinking
  • Inspiring cooperation among employees
  • Recovering team spirit and loyalty
  • Creating a platform for employees to learn how to achieve objectives
  • Providing the ideal setting for relationship building
  • Creating work solidarity
  • Allowing employees to learn cooking skills

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Private Chef Events

Company Team Building

Team Building Cooking Class

Create a gourmet meal while boosting your corporate team’s potential with meaningful culinary cooking team building workshops. We help companies, sales teams, HR teams, and company executives build better relationships through cooking programs you won’t find anywhere else. Read more...

Friends' Private Cooking Parties

Private Cooking Party Gather a group of your friends and organize your own private group cooking party. These private cooking parties give you the flexibility to create your own menu. Read more...

Kids' Birthday Party

Kids' Birthday Parties

Kids crave for two things: food and fun. So what could be more appealing than a party that offers both in super size portions? Kids Cooking Parties are becoming more and more popular. We've put some ideas, menus, complete step by step directions and everything you need for hosting the party. Read more...

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