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Junior Baking Class Singapore | Kids Culinary Baking ClassBaking Class For Kids – Interactive Hands-on Baking Classes

As much as adults enjoy baking, kids will surely enjoy this too, but how?

Simply send them to cooking programs that cater enjoyable and pleasurable baking classes for kids.

Since kids love sweet foods, preparing these goodies by their own could truly be enjoyable for them.

Why is Junior Baking Class Fun & Enriching?

No need to mention, all kids love bread, cookies, cakes and other delicious baked goodies.

Thus, enrolling them in baking classes will let them learn to bake the sweet goodies they love.

Fortunately, we offer baking courses for your kids and see to it that it will be fun and beneficial for them.

Since kids adore doing the actual thing rather than listening to boring discussions, the junior baking class at Cooking Class Singapore is addressing this concern.

To have fun baking lessons, the professional chefs tend to allow the kids work together with them instead of just talking and doing all the work.

Benefits that your Kids will get from Baking Classes

Junior Baking Class Singapore | Kids Culinary Baking Class

Your children will learn to measure ingredients in baking. Thus it will build up their knowledge about fractions, temperature, and other simple mathematical concepts as well as planning and time management.

Engaging them into cooking or baking at their early age will boost their confidence and self-esteem while practising a healthy and safe eating habit.

It also gives a great chance to master new skills like estimation, evaluation and experimentation.

Baking will also amplify their creativity and imagination.

Sometimes, educating them on how to value food through word of mouth is not enough.

In line with this, enrolling them in baking class will open their eyes to the reality that it is not good to waste food because many kids all over the world are starving and they are lucky enough to have something to eat. 

Also, it will lead them to the awareness that it is not as easy as they think to prepare food. Hence they will be implicitly taught to consume everything given to them.

Most baking classes for kids are conducted at the professional kitchen studio.

You can send your kids in and let them have fun without worrying them messing up your kitchen. 

However, if you prefer, these baking classes can also be done in your own kitchen too.

There is no need for you and your kids to travel to and from the school because the professional baker can go to your place and do the lessons. It will be comfortable for your children too.

So, turn their video games off now and enrol them in our popular Junior Culinary Boot Camp at Cooking Class Singapore.

Rest assured you will spend both fun and quality time baking together at home, in your kitchen.


Enrol Your Children in Hands-On Baking Classes.  

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