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Bridging Table Dinner: A Source of Inspiration

Spending an evening with us at the Bridging Table dinner will be a night you will not forget.

You will be able to enjoy the company of guests from around the world, but you will also experience and taste new and exotic foods.

All meals are prepared by experienced chefs and are accompanied by a staff that is there to make your Bridge Table experience delightful. 

Dinner is served at 7pm and is reasonably priced (depends on the selected menu) for a three-course meal. You are more than welcome to bring your own drinks. Corkage charges do apply. 

Unravel The Taste of Exotic Recipes

Bridging Table Dinners - Great Company, Great Conversations

Here is a peep of the fabulous meals which you will experience at the Bridging Table Dinner. 

Balinese Cuisine

  • Indonesian corn fritters with chili mayo, or Bebek Bengil Garing which is crispy duck thigh seasoned with spices and deep fried till crispy.
  • The bebek is served with Sambal an Indonesian relish made from fruits and vegetables. Our Sambal has chili and tomato as favored ingredients.  We also offer Sate Lilit, a mackerel that is made into pasta with spices and skewered.
  • As well, we offer Sambal Matah which is Balinese raw Sambal with salad, along with steamed Jasmine Rice.
  • For dessert the chef will serve Dadar Guling with vanilla ice cream. Dadar Guling is Indonesian crepes, and Es Jurik, a homemade Calamnsi line juice.

Other Cuisines includes

  • Spanish Cuisine Dinner
  • Modern Peranakan Cuisine Dinner
  • Italian Cuisine Dinner
  • Mexican Cuisine Dinner
  • and more to come! So do check back with us on the menus.

These are some of the fabulous meals our chef serves and more. The meals change every dinner service so please call ahead to discuss what will be served for the special occasion.

The exotic meals at the Bridging Table Dinner are freshly prepared and the chefs use only the best ingredients. You will sit at a beautiful set table while being served these wonderful foods. The best part is sharing the tasting experiences with your new found friends at the table.

Everyone will be sitting close and sharing not only your present food experience, but as well the night turns into a time to share your other world food experiences as well hear other people’s favorite foods from their travels.

Foodie step up, this table experience is for you, as well as anyone looking for a new food experience. Our table experience just may turn you into a foodie.

Make A Reservation!

Please contact us below with any questions, and we are more than happy to make a reservation for you.

The bridging table fills up fast and seats are limited for the private chef hire service so please contact us as soon as you know you will join us for this Indonesian cuisine experience. We will see you at the table. 

To make a reservation, contact us below for the dates, dinner menus, and details on the bridge dining.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about this unique and fulfilling experience. Provided here are more details about the foods served at your bridge dining table — Visit our Blog Post "Enable the Unexpected Encounters!!"  

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