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Private Baking Class Min 4 Pax to commence a 3-hour Class

Private Baking Class for 4 Pax - Skilled Based Baking Class (Whipped buttercream)Cakes, cookies, and pies, if you are a dessert lover there is nothing more fun to cook then sweets. They also are relatively easy to make, yet it does take some skills that can be quickly learned, and we can teach you those skills.

We offer a private class that is just perfect for learning the ins and outs of how to make some of your delicious desserts.

You and three other people are welcomed to schedule a private baking class on your time. You let us know when it is convenient for you to come and learn chef taught baking lessons.

Either after work or spend a wonderful afternoon with our expert chefs while they give you their undivided attention in your very own private baking class.

Private Baking Class - Cake Decoration ClassSimilar to our Hands-on baking classes, you will have the opportunity to learn what ingredients are best for your favourite sweet treats. 

You will also learn how important temperature and the secrets to getting those delicious delights looking fabulous and tasting better.

What other way is more exciting then to spend time with your closest friends to learn together the secrets of baking in our kitchen studio

Our expert chefs will show you the proper utensils, baking sheets, and more to make your baking favourites come out right and impress all your other friends.

In the private baking class, it gives you a relaxed atmosphere to hone your baking skills. The private class is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you have specific to your needs when it comes to baking.

Every person is different and what is clear to one person in baking is not always clear to another. 

Our experts chefs are here to guide you through the baking process, and the private cooking class gives them the time to watch you so they can tweak what you already know into a clearer more professional style of baking.

Private Baking Class - Learn to bake delicious cakesYou will feel so good after taking this course; you will want to run home and show off your new baking skills to your family. They will love you for making them sweets.

There is so much to learn in baking that you can keep coming back for more classes and expand your knowledge of the wonderful world of baking.

Please join us for a private baking class or extend this as a gift voucher to your friends or family, or anyone who wants learn baking and schedule your private class today.

Pick whatever day or time that is convenient for all of you and our chefs will be ready with sugar, chocolate, and flour to guide you in a pleasant experience of baking sweets.

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