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Experiential Corporate Team Building Cooking Activities

Team Building Cooking Activities

Food is not only the way to a man's heart, it is also an excellent medium for bringing people together and team building cooking challenges can inspire people to bond together over the creation of recipes that are delicious and creative.

The famous cook, Julia Child, once said, “…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” That being said, it may be safe to say that there’s no better way to become a great cook than to learn from a cooking school with a great ambience and facility, a collection of Singapore’s greatest restaurant chefs and team building chef instructors, and one that lets you learn cooking by letting you do the cooking yourself. 

Highlights of Team Building Cooking Class


The venue of the team building cooking event is held in expansive open-concept cozy kitchen studio that is equipped with modern and premium quality cooking facilities from brands such as Brandt, Scanpan and Henckels. 

Team Building Cooking Activities

Chef Instructors

Experienced chefs and pastry chefs armed with the cooking and baking know-how from Asian to European cuisine and desserts will lead the team building event.  

These chefs also conduct an array of hands-on classes in their profession so they rest assured that they will surely enrich your cooking skills in the team building class. They are also qualified trainers foteam building experiential learning programs.


All corporate team building cooking events are estimated to be around 3-4 hours.


A complete set of ingredients will be prepared to help you become a great cook and learn the fundamental culinary techniques.

What To Expect?

Cooking Team Building Activities

In a corporate team building cookery event, depending on the group size, participants are split into smaller teams consisting of 4 to 5 participants in larger groups.  

Each team is given a task to complete and the objectives must be met within the criteria set by the culinary instructor.  Usually, this revolves going from cooking station to cooking station to create different dishes, all from scratch!

Participants will learn how to cook up an exotic full course meal and learn about exotic ingredients, and they need to work with deadlines, collaboration and decision-making to succeed in the cooking challenge. 

During the event, many questions and queries arise when people work interactively. When more than one mind is working, many issues are clarified automatically. 

Members of the teams share their experiences and knowledge of cooking, and bring a friendly atmosphere to your learning area. This is basically how it works.

Cooking Team Building Activities

A lot of people who have attended the the cooking team building event find this type of activities rewarding, interesting and fun. Lots of people also find the experience unforgettable. 

Other key benefits brought by this fun cooking challenge event include:

  • Building commitment and collaboration
  • Improving teamwork and communication
  • Inspiring creativity and confidence
  • Identifying personalities
  • Encouraging leadership 
  • Improving relationships 

We offer a variety of customizable Corporate Cooking Classes for Team Bonding.

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