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Management Team Building Activities Were Never This Much Fun

­­­­Management Team Building Activities - Fun & Innovative Cooking EventNo matter who you are – whether you are a male or female, an accountant or lawyer who works for a corporation or owns that company – you surely love to eat good food and some of you might even have the desire to master the art of cooking.

And when it comes to team bonding in an organization, one suggestion is cooking team building events as food is a topic you can always talk with many.

It is this ‘food logic’ that pushes cooking classes in Singapore to add their unique and amazing Team Building Cooking Event on the menu. And it is due to the very same logic why the event is one of the most popular and all-time booked events of the cooking classes in Singapore.

So What Is Different In A Team Building Cooking Event?

The difference is that it is not just cooking skills that you will learn; it is a way to build teams in your organization for better collaboration and communication. 

With this event food will do much more than just satisfy your appetite.

What Is Team Building Cooking Event?

Management Team Building Event - Collaboration In The KitchenNow, a lot of you might be wondering as to what a Team Building Cooking Event is and what it entails.  Let us answer your curiosity first. A team building cooking event is one of a kind initiative that cooking classes have undertaken; it is an event specially designed for the corporate sector. Members of the management team can get together, take part in the event and know each other better.

Team Building Cooking Event is a unique way to get your company executives to mingle with one another especially if they are not located in the same jurisdiction.  Whether they are transferred from other branches, or new additions to the corporate family, or they are senior managers that you are trying to get acquainted with the junior staff, this event is a perfect team building exercise for the corporate employees.

What Activities Does This Event Include?

The Management Team Building Cooking Event is conducted by experienced chefs and team building facilitators. The participants are divided into groups, and each group is given a certain dish to prepare or a certain cake to bake. Once the dish is prepared, the group has to embellish it as well. But that is not it; each group then gives a presentation on the prepared dish, and the participants get to enjoy the dishes and desserts made by them and their colleagues.

What Are Some Of The Interesting Packages For This Deal?

Management Team Building Event - Corporate Cooking

This event offers a number of challenging and interesting packages, which include Pizza from around the World, The Kitchen Challenge, Cake Story, Restaurant Simulation, Bake With A Cause and many more.

Some of these activities are held indoors whereas the other ones are held outdoors. This way, you can choose a package that best meet your objective.

How Many Participants Can This Event Accommodate?

It really depends on the number of professional chefs available. However, to give you a rough estimate, this class can handle a minimum of 8 participants whereas the maximum number can go up to as many as 60 participants to remain effective. The event will be held in a kitchen studio with industrial standard cooking and baking facilities. 

So, make use of this exceptional opportunity and get your management executives acquainted with each other in a fun, amusing exercise where food will get the job done. 

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