Tomato is an Excellent Food For A Holistic Diet

Tomato As An Excellent Food For A Holistic Diet

Red delicious tomatoes have long been a favourite in salads and various recipes, but it is important to know how beneficial tomatoes are to include in your holistic diet.

Tomatoes have several health benefits like loads of lycopene and antioxidant levels.

Just the mere act of eating a tomato as opposed to cookies, ice cream, more protein, or sugars will help you fight heart disease and aid in increasing your immune system.

Tomato is an Excellent Food For A Holistic Diet | Hands-on Cooking ClassIt is a very smart choice to include tomatoes every week in your grocery list and experiment with using tomatoes in different recipes for not only exciting your palette but keeping you healthy and strong. 

So the next time you want spaghetti sauce, it would be a great help to your health to cook up fresh tomatoes with other excellent spices not only for your taste buds, but for your health.

Lycopene is also an excellent source for fighting cancer as well diabetes.

Lycopene also is extremely helpful in protecting the cell membranes that determine what gets in and out of cells in general.

So the stronger the cell membrane, the less bad stuff will get into the cells to harm them.

Lycopene also helps prevent osteoporosis.

So you see the benefits of lycopene run far and wide and make tomatoes well worth eating.

The lycopene has been found to be extremely important in the body as a big help with free radicals.

Tomatoes are an excellent source of Lycopene

Tomatoes have a wonderful flavour and taste great in many forms.

You can cut tomatoes simply raw bought at the store, even from the vine.

Tomato is an Excellent Food For A Holistic Diet | Hands-on Cooking ClassTheir soft texture and how easy it is to cut tomatoes with a knife make tomatoes a great snack just by themselves with a little olive oil and salt added.

They also make an excellent accompaniment to many different recipes.

Sundried tomatoes are another great alternative way to eat tomatoes or add to recipes.

Tomatoes help make pizza as delicious as it is. You can also make up your recipe with tomatoes after a little experimentation.

Did you know that tomatoes have vitamin C in them as well as Vitamin K and A.

They are also a low sodium food which always helps the heart? Tomatoes are also good for the skin thanks to the beta-carotene in them.

Things like sun damage and keeping wrinkles to a minimum are some of the benefits of beta-carotene.

There is also calcium in tomatoes helping, of course, to keep bones hard and strong.

The benefits of tomatoes increase the more you eat them.

You can’t eat something once to get all the health benefits that the food provides.

It is recommended that you continue to eat tomatoes every week in your diet to allow your body to reap the rewards week after week with all that the tomatoes provide.

The best you can do is buy organic tomatoes for optimum health benefits, but if you can only find conventional tomatoes or even canned tomatoes, that is fine.

Any tomatoes are better than not giving yourself all the holistic helpful benefits that tomatoes can offer.   


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