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Kids Party – Let the kids whip up some fun in the kitchen! 

Kids Baking Party Singapore | Kids' Birthday Party | Kids' Baking Class

Celebrate the Future Chefs and Bakers in your family with a Cooking Birthday Party!

This year, why not skip the superheroes and princesses themes? Come party with us instead! Bring the kids into the kitchen for a Cooking Birthday Party!

Planning a cooking party for your child is a great excuse to let the little kid in yourself come out. Be creative and use your kids' interest as your guide in selecting a theme.

Now, Cooking Themed Party is going to be a lot of fun in the kitchen studio

The activity will bring their inner chef as they play and enjoy.

From the chef’s hat, cupcake making to candy coated popcorn cones, treat your kids with cooking or baking themed party.

This party looks like an absolute blast for the little ones! For some reasons, everyone loves birthdays. The cooking party seems like the perfect theme. Kiddos always have a tonne of fun in the kitchen studio.

Who doesn't love to get in the kitchen and enjoy the following?

(1) Making Cupcakes
Let each child pick either a chocolate buttercream or cheese frosting and tell them that their cupcakes will be judged on appearance. How cool would that be?

(2) Decorating Sundaes
Whipped cream, fresh berries, and variety sauces including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Yummy!

(3) Party Games
Decorating chef hats and apron for a craft, tasting various food and drink items while blindfolded and try to identify them correctly. The one with the most points wins!

(4) Cooking Party Favors
This will keep the kids to cook back in their home kitchens. Any remembrance would be great to pack into a party bag to send home with the kids.

Cooking supports children in attaining important milestones while having fun.  

Spending time in the kitchen and cooking new recipes helps children to develop a helpful connection to all different types of foods.

They will also learn basic cooking skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

There are just so many great benefits to cooking with kids.

Kids Baking Party Singapore | Kids' Birthday Party | Kids' Baking Class

What are the benefits for children?

(1) Creative and Imaginary Development

Children love the creative freedom of flexible art projects. It inspires them to discover and express themselves.

Getting them involved in the kitchen studio also mends their ability and intellectual skills, boost their imagination, makes them tougher to peer pressure, and give them hands-on skills.

(2) Improving Self Esteem

You undeniably love to hear your little one saying “I made it myself”. You will feel the sense of accomplishment. When children like what they cook, they feel a sense of pride and achievement.

(3) Improving Social Skills

For parents who have a tough time communicating with their children, spending time together in the kitchen is a perfect method to hearten them to open up about their day.

There is something about good food that sparks a spell of conversation.

(4) Learning about different cultures

Kids learn by involvement. It is far more captivating to show kids about making a traditional dish than by giving a history lesson. Cooking touches all of their wits, empowering them to remember what they have learned in a way unlike any other.


We also offer other hands-on junior baking classes in Singapore.

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We can help you find the right, fun and enjoyable cooking themed parties in Singapore and with our help, you can offer a memorable and enjoyable birthday parties to your little ones. 

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